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  1. lady jane

    New warrior

    Certainly big
  2. lady jane


    She looks great best wishes for 2020 andy
  3. lady jane

    2 days

    Monday launched in the dark and minus 3. nice weather with calm seas saw us catching lots of small eels of around 5 llb and a few up to perhaps 20llb, pouting and one cod to me. Tuesdays venue was west bexington. my mates turn with one pouting and one whiting with me blanking. its never about the catching it’s about being there.
  4. lady jane

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Just the one to me, looked bigger than weight so I might need new scales. a joy to be out again. 10 llb.
  5. lady jane

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Madness - Dean - Jim - Martin Reel Magic- Dave- Mick Serenity - Tony - Ian Tigerfish - Steve, Alun Illusion.Bob ,Tom. Tarlach Too - Neil and Leo Kingfisher - Chris - Dave Wilson Loobie IV - Jerry - Jerry 2 - Kev - Jacob lady jane - Andy and Gordon
  6. lady jane

    Ray Competition

    Just the one to me lowest bounce 12llb i think we managed the 25 but dogfish. nice to fish a new mark and to take part in comp.
  7. lady jane

    Ray Competition

    Lady jane, Sunday. andy and Gordon non member.
  8. lady jane

    Mudeford slipway

    Alun, thankyou for the info. ill give it a go for a change when the tides allow. andy
  9. lady jane

    Mudeford slipway

    Mudeford slip, Please could anyone give advice on using this slip in relation to tidal height required to launch with ease ? (16 to 18ft boat) cost of parking car and trailer. thanks, andy
  10. lady jane

    Back to basic

    Kimmeridge has always been my favourite launch but not a good option for lady jane so with a great forecast back to basics.
  11. lady jane


  12. lady jane

    4 x 400r

    This one Mike,
  13. lady jane

    4 x 400r

    390 nor-tech
  14. lady jane

    4 x 400r

    First run now done, 91 mph No mpg yet
  15. lady jane

    4 x 400r

    Not mine. Looking forward to seeing the numbers though.