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  1. Paul D

    Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli, Been away from the site for some time now. It's impressive how you have updated the software and server. I know it is not for the faint hearted If it helps, I may have copies of the old pictures as I did have a backup of the whole site. regards Paul
  2. Paul D

    The big chapman wedding

    An ex work colleague of mine from 10 years or so back runs a wedding and photography business. Based in Christchurch area. Jon Roach FourT4 @FourT4 on twitter and he is in my friends list on FB. They have a website you can check out.
  3. Paul D

    Happy Birthday Dainichi

    Hope you had a good birthday Alan. How's the new pond doing ?
  4. Paul D

    Happy birthday Paul

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Not on here much now, need more hours in a day !
  5. Paul D

    Very Sad news

    Really sad to hear this. I always will remember going over to Alderney with Chris on TigerLily on my first ever charter trip with the club. Chris always had time for us small boat anglers. A true gent and friend of the club. Will be sadly missed.
  6. Paul D

    4 Stroke V 2 Stroke

    Hi Rich - long time no see. I was well pleased with the E-Tec, I had no problems with the engine at all. PJ has the same model as I had and I know he had issues with the EMU but was fine after he had it replaced. The servicing costs for my old Honda was partly the reason I went for the E-Tec. my friend has a 130 E-Tec on his Orkney and is well happy with his too. It seems to be the people who dont have them that knock them.
  7. Paul D

    Watford fc are promoted

    and hopefully we can join you on Monday
  8. Here is a thought. Would this ban have taken place if the UK were outside the EU ?
  9. Paul D

    Fish of the Month 2014

    Attached the Best Fish From Catch Reports. bestFish.pdf
  10. Paul D

    Happy Birthday PJ

    Have a great birthday PJ
  11. Paul D

    Cod attempt - round 2

    Wasn't the leader, it was the hook knot which came undone - only myself to blame. Was a good fish but was fighting more Eel like than Cod as it header downtide at a fast rate of knots. No head shaking.
  12. Paul D

    Club Cod Comp Sunday 16th

    Dependant on other plans over Xmas and the actual date, I would be up for crewing if anyone is after crew.
  13. Paul D

    Cod attempt - round 2

    Caught a nice Undulate Ray and lost an eel due to poor knot tying on my part Was hard fishing but one of my work colleagues managed a nice sized cod in the afternoon. Ripped down all day but usual banter on Manta Ray made for a fun day. Back out tomorrow ( wed ) as got week off, so cod attempt 3 ....
  14. Paul D

    Cod attempt - round 2

    Got a trip on Manta Ray on Sunday along with some guys from work. Planning on going to the car park out to the Needles, hoping the wind stays from the north. Just busy waterproofing my flotation suit as suspect it will need to be rainproof ! Have stocked up with Cuttle from CAC and unwashed squid, hopefully will be able to find the elusive cod as haven't caught one for over a year now ( although actually getting out fishing helps )
  15. Paul D

    MAIB Accident Reports

    Coming back in at night is even more interesting, especially when there is a bit of a swell running. I used to plot the track out and place waypoints en-route so when coming back in the dark I could then follow a route in. Best method was to get the track and go for it ! - not for the faint hearted