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  1. I heard there was some Tiger Wood found in a ditch recently, apparently its worth a lot of money even though it is damaged.
  2. Happy Birthday Hooky, best of luck getting to use your new toys.
  3. Cheerio Dave, so sad to see you gone, thank you for your advice and guidance on reel servicing and selection. Ian and Cerrie
  4. Sorry I am late Martin, hope all went well and you feel more mature.
  5. Many happy returns Brian, hard to believe I am a day older than you.
  6. Currently enjoying the second pint of IPA whilst watching Exeter v Worcester. Amy (youngest) is making a steak and ale pie for dinner. Pub dinner and pints at home, even played a computer fishing game.
  7. Missed it again, Happy Birthday Pete.
  8. I enjoyed logging into the Offshore Outlaws site last night and there are some good converstaions and topics on there, just looking forward to some fishing this year.
  9. I have a lovely 14ft Dejon but Mrs Simpson won't let me outside the harbour.
  10. I have just registered on the site and look forward to looking through when I get some spare time, oh wait I've got loads of that.
  11. Hope all went well, Happy Birthday
  12. The stated Government position is to increase the quota share for UK vessels while recognising the “need to do that over time”. The Fisheries White Paper made clear there was “no intention to change the method for allocating existing quota”. Instead, the Government would start a dialogue on how to allocate any additional quota resulting from Brexit. Those members that sold their quotas to EU boats and those that had their boats destroyed, will have to make a decision whether to rejoin the fishing trade and there is ongoing dialogue with stakeholders. A real issue that I see and dis
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