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  1. iansimpson63

    Hi All

    Welcome back. Ian
  2. Hope it went well Sam
  3. Hello Mick, I will take the 2 Daiwa and the Penn Fierce if still available. Cheers Ian
  4. I was out fishing til late yesterday Tony so accept my apologies please, Happy Birthday.
  5. Happy birthday to the pair of you.
  6. iansimpson63


    Jim, well done on finding a place for the comp,did you manage to get a place for your mate, the young, slim fella who's had 2 jabs?
  7. Happy Cake Day Jim, many happy slices.
  8. Easter eggs. Well done Jerry and Jerry.
  9. Very Happy Birthday Tony, I hope it has been good so far.
  10. An extract from the Angling Trust made on March 11th; We still have some outstanding issues to resolve and are working to secure the clarification needed but we remain hopeful that night fishing, match fishing and wider travel for angling will all be confirmed from March 29th as we were last summer and autumn. Hopefully, we should be able to make an announcement next week. Thanks for your patience! So hopefully we will get an answer this week on travel outside of your local area.
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