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  1. iansimpson63

    Cod practice session

    Try targeting LSD and I bet you get plagued by Cod.
  2. iansimpson63

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    I am not suspicious Mal, but I hope you haven't jinxed us, touch wood. Fingers crossed for a good day.
  3. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Many happy returns Terry
  4. iansimpson63

    Best birthday wishes Oli

    Not too many I hope, just half a pint per year.
  5. iansimpson63

    Birthday greetings Alfie

    Many Happy Returns Alfie
  6. iansimpson63

    Norway 2019 [long report]

    Good report Charlie, we flew over on Sept 11th and the weather was great on day 1 but the winds really picked up for the remaining 6 days. We have decided to go late June next year to have longer days and hopefully avoid the winds. Ian
  7. iansimpson63

    Happy Big (60th) Nigel. 🎂🍾

    Glad the day went well Nigel.
  8. iansimpson63

    Bass Comp 2019

    I am off to Scotland on the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness, best of luck in the competition everyone that enters.
  9. iansimpson63

    48 hr Comp

    When Charlie saw the Porbeagle I thought that the Russians were invading " don't panic Capt Mainwairing". Great fun for 2 days, Alan landed a PB Tope, I had a stunning Red Mullet, lots of Tope (with 2 landed at the same time that brought up all 4 rigs). Charlie had the smallest Bream ever landed and I had a Conger that may of only just hatched. I exercised my right to catch and release a lovely Spotted Ray when a stunned Charlie informed me (sternly) that this was a competition and it was around specimen size, oops. Thanks for the 2 days and our beers tasted extra special on Sunday night with a take away from Chinese Whispers
  10. iansimpson63

    48 hr Comp

    Family site prevents me from posting what I would like to write. Chris, I like the suit but Cerrie wouldn't be able to keep her hands off of me, she loves a big .........
  11. iansimpson63

    48 hr Comp

    Charlie we may need a bigger galley. Dave, can you be a bit clearer when you say I "need to do a big chicken", nothing was ever proved in that case.
  12. iansimpson63

    48 hr Comp

    I will be sacrificing a chicken in honour of the weather gods for this weekend, please pray to your chosen God or deity as well. P.S We will have a chicken curry if all goes well Charlie and Dan.
  13. iansimpson63

    Birthday greetings Charlie

    Sorry I am a bit late on this Charlie, hope it was a good day for you and your not too depressed about the chance of a free TV licence being taken away now that you have qualified.
  14. iansimpson63

    Rod ring repair

    Family site prevents me from explaining Tiddler
  15. iansimpson63

    Rod ring repair

    I will let Elton John know about this.