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  1. Hi all Going to fit a hinged bow roller to the boat as the anchor keeps tripping just as it goes into the existing roller and the hinged one will stop this .....has anyone got any good makes to go for ??? Cheers Ben
  2. Ben

    Shambles Thursday tomorrow.......

    OK mate no worries 👍 Will give you a shout on the radio tomorrow buddy
  3. Was planning to go down to the shambles tomorrow for a day drifting for the turbo anybody want to buddy up......
  4. Ben

    Pirk moulds available

    Either buddy
  5. Ben

    Stern gland easy to repack yourself ?

    That's the one is it the Volvo one ?
  6. Hi all........boat is coming out monday for scrub and anodes is the stern gland easy to service eg repack yourself ??? Any info much appreciated Cheers ben
  7. Ben

    Pirk moulds available

    Hi all Had delivery last week of some 300g-500g pork moulds made enough up for what I require atm so if any club members would like to use them you are more than welcome to grab them.... They work a treat as well ....
  8. Ben

    Cobbs fuel

    Anyone know if the pump is fixed as of yet?? Cheers Ben
  9. Ben

    More kts please

    Looking to get the boat out shortly (ocquteau 735 running a 200 nanni) looking to get the blade pitched differently and also looking to put on some trim tabs what size tabs do I put on and are adjustable ones better ???? Just looking to try and get a few more kts from it .......any experiences or advise would be great. Cheers all
  10. Evening all back on the water now and just purchased the new boat ocqueteau 735 .... the toilet is not working correctly and dont want to overhaul so am going to just put a new unit in .... if I opt for a electric toilet do they use a lot of battery power eg if I'm at anchor and using it will it drain the battery quiet quick ???? Any advise appreciated. Ben