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  1. Boblin3 crew for Saturday, Colin, Bobi and Pete snr
  2. Yes we had 11 a mixture of males and females, top three heaviest were between 3 and 3lb 8ozs
  3. Fabulous February day on the water almost like summer.
  4. Must be all the drugs Nige Bobi
  5. You poor thing Nigel sorry to hear it's going to take that long, but hey...thanks for giving the rest of us a head start for the year!! Bobi
  6. No such luck Nige but it took out the heated rear window, maybe a write off
  7. I wish those bl***y bait diggers would fill their holes in!!
  8. Happy Birthday John You don't need trousers - your shorts are well past your knees!! Bobi
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