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  1. johnnyb.

    where has Charlies shed gone?

    I just had a look on the webcam at highcliff sailing club Mudeford key. seems like the shed mr slipway sits in has GONE wow blown away maybe .anyone know whats happened ?
  2. johnnyb.

    copy and paste using samsung tablet

    Hi Charlie, would that be a new one to control blood pressure. sorry mate ask a teenager. stuff like that I usually google the question ,then spend hours trying to understand the answer.
  3. johnnyb.

    A boat trip with my wife.

    Oh yes Jim we have got a GPS on my boat and it does a million things I dont even understand,but I manage to get the basics. I still havent found the button for sky sports.it does everything else ,,cant be that hard.
  4. johnnyb.

    A boat trip with my wife.

    Hi Brian ,great to hear from you.Sheila and I are coming down sat,weather permitting for 2 weeks. I will give you a call see if your out and about.I saw another Megabite out from Christchurch a couple of weeks ago,no contest though it wasnt even a warrior.ha ha.
  5. johnnyb.

    A boat trip with my wife.

    Thanks Rob,yes I was thinking of Holes Bay but I wont be going that way . guess Ill try and go a while after low water and stick to the Wareham channel. plan B.try and follow someone who I think might know where they are going or seem to be heading in the right direction. Oh well learning all the time,
  6. johnnyb.

    A boat trip with my wife.

    Hi Jim,thanks for the info,we are going to launch from Baiter. 4 mph in the river whats the speed limit across the bay? are there places for tethering the boat? If I see a big yellow boat Ill follow it,cant get lost then.
  7. johnnyb.

    A boat trip with my wife.

    My wife and I are coming down for our hols.I am bringing my boat hoping to get out and do some fishing.To get some brownie points I will take her on a river trip. She recentley saw some pirates on tv going from poole to Wareham and wants to make the trip.(hope she doesnt want us to dress up).I see there are two rivers that go up that way and I presume the river Frome is the way to go.any advice will be gratefully appreciated.many thanks Johnnyb.
  8. johnnyb.

    Stop knots on braid

    Ahha,Ive been using 40lb mono for my stopknots thinking thinner line will slip through the float. another fiddley thing is getting the braid through the float,takes me ages . any tips to stop it bending. float stops sound good---and I always lubricate with a bit of spit.
  9. johnnyb.

    Stop knots on braid

    Quick question ,do stop knots on sliding float rigs work well on braid ? or is it best to put 30 or 40 ft of line to the end of the braid. Ive put sliding stop knots on braid and they dont seem to sit very nicley on braid...help.... many thanks johnnyb.
  10. johnnyb.

    reel match

    Had a look at Avets,they really do seem to be a top quality reel and, as with everything a price to match.Which model is best for light inshore and maybe a bit of uptiding.they seem to range from £150 to about £450.?
  11. johnnyb.

    reel match

    Good morning gents .I bought myself a couple of 20lb Kensaki rods last year and thought I'd match them up with reels.been looking at ambassadeur 7000 but recomendations would be apreciated.many thanks Johnnyb.
  12. johnnyb.

    Breams and Bass are in!!!!!

    Somebody give him a slap..got me top lip ,hook line and sinker.lol.
  13. johnnyb.

    Fresh fish

    when out fishing all day is it poss on a hot day for your fish to go off.I've thought i might take a cold box out with a few off them cold frozen blocks inside.whats the norm.? and what do others use?.How many hours on a hot day before they are inedable?or I may mean un eatable,is that a word? Thoughts please..
  14. johnnyb.

    10 Facts

    I was far too busy counting the hairs on my head with soap in my eyes.
  15. johnnyb.

    10 Facts

    ha ha ,and I'm still smilling now.How did you learn to control people like that? Brian for no 10....lol.