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  1. Take a nice photo then post it below. Club members can vote for it by pressing the like button( remember only likes, no emojis) Get posting
  2. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Turns out I didn’t need my hammer and now have full coverage around the house
  3. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    I make big bits of wood slightly smaller for a living. If this didn’t work first time.......
  4. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    I think I’ll get this one based on everyone’s input. Original question. Do we have anyone who can set this up? Paid obvs
  5. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

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  6. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    I’ve got no trouble with speed. I’ve got dead spots and drop out. 200 mb but doesn’t reach whole house. The virgin router is two years old so prehistoric in tech terms
  7. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

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  8. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    This is what I meant Hybrid does both https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/deco/deco-p9(3-pack)/
  9. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    We’ve got BT extenders but they are a bit hit and miss. I’ve got a pretty big house with steels and i’m sure they interrupt WiFi? The BT discs don’t get good online reviews, many talk of dropping out, and that’s what i’m trying to avoid. There is a mesh system that also mixes the extender technology so maybe best of both worlds.???
  10. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    This looks promising
  11. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Yes. That is helpful Tri band seems the way forward
  12. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Can I ask what the AC is? Ac 1200 or ac 2200 If I’m going to chuck some readies at it I want the best I can get? Is it worth it?
  13. lofty

    WiFi expert wanted.

    I have super fast virgin broadband but poor coverage across my house. I’ve used extenders to limited success I’m after a tech expert to supply and install a solution to cover my house. I’ve been told that using a BT home hub with the virgin cable is a good workaround, but I’m out of my depth so want to chuck some money at it. Do we have any recommendations for Wifi wizards? Cheers
  14. Had a day on the water with a mate off Southbourne Weather was as mixed as the fishing. Looked like thunder, then sunshine, then cold and cloudy, then sunny then thick fog! At the West of Poole bay you get the ice cream boat selling it’s wares. Today at Southbourne we had a lightning fast little boat selling “ Cake, cake.” Good to see Tiddler on the water. Didn’t even need Jim to save an anchor for me. The fishing was good Lots of macs, many Joeys but a good few takers. Small eyed ray, Thornbacks, Dabs, Bream, Gurnard, Macs, Bass, Congers. It used to be you put maccy down and the dogs would start up. Today it was Congers, and most into double figures. Made a right mess of my lively.Also more Thornies . Couldn’t find an Undulate but I notice they’re common further East? A great Tuesday Back to it tomorrow
  15. Please share any photos you feel worthy of POM. Heres mine from 2nd June Post your photos below To vote for them press Like