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  1. Webmistress

    Nigel's vids of cod trips

    Orders from the boss to test on my google nexus.....so far so good :-)
  2. Webmistress

    Al Murray

    friend of mine posted this to me and thought you guys would appreciate it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul7EDYXmDNE Cheers Helen
  3. Webmistress

    Sunday On Neo

    Errr....... Whose Toy Rod?!?!?!?
  4. Webmistress

    Live-bait tank...

    Talking of nets - if anyone is after a small / medium / large bait net (these are for fish tanks), let me know, I can get them from work with a nice 20% discount!!! Cheers Helen
  5. Webmistress

    Happy Birthday

    Big Hug Mike Have a gudden! Hells
  6. Webmistress

    Infamous TLD5 for sale!!!

    Funny how you didn't mention it to me Maybe I won't let you buy it (nowhere near enough brownie points hun!!)
  7. Webmistress

    Sunday 5th

    Now that conjurs an image not unlike something I saw last night on Eurotrash!!! Hmmm....... wonder if the memory wipe in the film Paycheck is available on the NHS!!!
  8. Webmistress

    sunday night

    Never mind James - better luck next time Hells
  9. Webmistress

    Friday Trip

    Mike That is where you are totally wrong - I have stood for long minutes waiting for that man and his trailer (and I'm not just talking about the boat here - if you know what I mean.......LOLOLOL) We shall see this afternoon - weather looks great and I will probably catch nothing however, should that happen I'll put it down to the fact that Paul was with me !!! Cheers and cya tomorrow all Helen
  10. Webmistress

    Friday Trip

    Boys, Boys, this pedestal is getting a little high (it will be at least 3!!)
  11. Webmistress

    there she blows

    Hope you guys realise how lucky you are - people actually pay to fish / swim / be in a boat around any shark - would love to see one myself or dolphin for that matter - here's hoping cheers Hells
  12. Webmistress

    Fridays Fishing

    Smoothies are the best fun (not that paul would know much about it). I think I will rename myself the Smoothie Queen........ Well done atsharman and here's to many more Hells
  13. Webmistress

    New Page coming soon .....

    I think Malcom has his rattle back
  14. Webmistress


    Did I upset someone?? I think I will have to give up a weekend fishing when someones wife gets better....... (did u like the olive branch Mike ) Cheers Hells
  15. Webmistress


    Why do I feel like SOME people are talking behind my back .....the saying "Green Eyed Monster" springs to mind..... and I don't mean my smoothie either Hells