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  1. I'd assume this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-57977087
  2. Belated happy birthday Tony
  3. Morning all - thank you very much for all the kind messages - actually managed to get out of the office a couple of hours early on Friday so had a relatively long weekend with the family - very nice indeed! Hope you're all well. Oli
  4. Oli

    VHS tape to CD

    Hi Dave We'll sort these out for you if you want to pop them in the post. To DVD I assume? Oliver Maingay Vanderquest Hampton House 1 Vicarage Road Hampton Wick KT1 4EB Oli
  5. Oli


    We have a load of lead (sheet, pipe etc) intended for making weights - but never get round to it! Would anyone like it? A handful of leads in return whenever they’re made would be much appreciated but no pressure! Only problem is I’m only in the area until the 1st...
  6. Thank you all very much! You'll be relieved to hear a few drinks were managed after work!
  7. No problem, all sorted Mick
  8. Thanks everyone, appreciate it.
  9. Brilliant Martin, thank you.
  10. Thanks a lot for this Chris, really helpful. Definitely sounds like one we should do, but not on this weekend's tides! We have friends staying and thought it would be fun but I think I'll wait for neaps. Any idea if there's anywhere else with water/moorings in the harbour that offers a decent lunch? Is the cobbs restaurant any good? Or are there any visitors berths on Poole Quay even? We only ever use the boat for fishing so this is all new to me having to plan for something social!
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