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  1. biggcol

    Coming soon to Swanage

    Well down Sam. See you out there sometime soon.
  2. biggcol

    Photo of the Month . July

    Quick trip to finish off the worms from Wednesday. Bobi managed this nice fish 3lb 4oz. Great to see you again Charlie !!
  3. biggcol

    Photo of the Month . July

    Lovely evening
  4. biggcol

    Trip out Saturday

    We are pushing out too Dave hope to see you out there.
  5. biggcol

    Trip out Saturday

    We will be out Stuie 🤫
  6. biggcol

    Spooling a fixed spool reel.

    Another tip you might find helpful. When using the rod butt to hold the reel thread the line through the rod ring on the butt, then hold the butt so that the line is vertical over the spool ,this will stop the spool jumping around. Having been a tournament caster for many years, respooling reels is part of the sport 😜 sometimes 20 times in a tournament. Multiplier or fixed spool the same principle applies when spooling.
  7. biggcol


    Only a handful what were you doing, we had nonstop action when we anchored up up tide from Joint venture. Bream, Wrasse and a strap conger, best Bream to Bobi 2lb 12oz. It was great to see Joint venture up close, nice boat Adam.
  8. biggcol

    Outboard Anode

    When we were in Poole haven a few years ago they had a leak. They checked every boat in the marina at no cost to owners. They were very good and sorted the problem. I think you should lobby the management at Cobbs to get things sorted before someone gets an expensive bill for damage caused by the leak.
  9. Bobi and me will be out somewhere tomorrow will be listening on ch6.
  10. biggcol

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Tom at xchurch angling has worm but you have to ring and get a pick up slot order only. We will be out tomorrow and Sat. See you all out there
  11. I have two Honda 25lt fuel tanks these are unused and still in their original packing £50 each. Also I have two genuine Honda props never used still in original packing £90 each.
  12. biggcol

    Boat jumble

    Hope it’s ok to post this. This will also be a good opportunity for any of our members to look around NHYC as they have good priced moorings and it’s only minutes to the Swash. 2020 BOAT JUMBLE.pdf
  13. biggcol

    Alderney 2020

    We can’t make the first date but if it changes to the reserve date we might just tag along