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  1. biggcol


    Rob after doing my research on Honda Suzuki and Yamaha, the Yamaha gave me what I wanted and the price was right. Steve there is a pull out ladder fitted I can’t take the credit for the idea though as Cheetah have to fit both of these now to meet regulations. Charlie I think we have got it right but as you know there is always something you wish you had done or didn’t do. We just need to get some trips in now to get used to her. Start on electronics tomorrow.
  2. biggcol


    A few more photo’s
  3. biggcol

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Not going anywhere in this weather even in a Cheetah 😜😜😜🤢🤢🤢🤢
  4. biggcol


    Thanks for all the interest guys. We fished the flounder comp today and she was a great platform to fish from Sadly no flounder for us just a few bass. Rob we have been in Salterns for a few years now and will be staying with Boblin3 too. I had forgotten about the fog incident. Until the electronics are fitted we won’t be doing any foggy trips.
  5. biggcol


    It’s been a long wait but we’ll worth it. We went to Ventnor on Wednesday for the sea trials of Boblin3. We got to the Cheetah factory bright and early at 0745hrs only to find the windows were still being fitted. They had been delivered late on Tuesday so the guys at Cheetah had to work a midnight shift. By the time we had had a cuppa all was ready for the trials. Watching Boblin being towed out of the factory unit and backed down the slip was a little worrying as at times there was only inches clearance between boat and walls. Everything went well and Boblin was dunked for the first time. We headed out of Ventnor haven as passengers on this trip with the engineers running their checks and recording speeds, revs, fuel consumption etc. The tests were with the tide and against the tide, I must say 33knts against the tide in a rough sea with no cushions on the seats was a bit hairy but great fun. After the test we were able to have a play for half hour or so, Bobi and me enjoyed ourselves doing some high speed turns and turning on the engines without touching the wheel and just enjoying being back on the water. Everyone was happy with the tests, there was a few more bits to finish off on Thursday and Friday was confirmed as hand over. We returned on Friday having scrounged a lift from friends and as we came down the hill into Ventnor there was Boblin having a photo shoot in the bay, looked really good. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Poole, we still have to fit the electronics, all we had for the return trip was compass, plotter on my iPad and a handheld radio. There was a fair old swell running and St Catherine’s was pretty interesting (rob it was a bit like Portland 10 years ago) but Boblin handled like a dream. We motored back at varying speeds between 10 and 20knts as per instructions from the engineers. We got back to Salterns in just over 1hour 30mins. When we left Ventnor the engineer had said don’t use the wheel to manoeuvre just use the engines, so I thought why not give it a go. I’m proud to say I manoeuvred all the way through the marina and into our birth without touching the wheel, great fun. I do have photo’s but I’m having trouble downloading them from my phone. Here’s one of Bobi naming the boat and the picture of Boblin again. Boblin3 9.2 metre 3.7 metre beam twin Yamaha 150’s
  6. biggcol

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Yes Martin that’s the plan. No charters just Bobi and me.
  7. biggcol

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Guess what we’ve got 😃😃😃😃😃
  8. biggcol

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    I bet when you went to go ohm you said watts wrong, I don’t like this current situation.
  9. biggcol

    Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

    Two rods with maximum of three hooks between them. Mick hope to see you there Sunday.
  10. biggcol

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Unlucky Charlie hope it’s an easy fix
  11. biggcol

    January Apologies

    If all goes well and weather is as forecast we will be bringing her home Friday so should be fishing the RNLI flounder comp on Sunday.
  12. biggcol

    January Apologies

    Sorry won’t be at meeting, early start Wed morning to get to Ventnor for sea trials at 0800hrs
  13. biggcol

    marine electrical engineer recommendation

    Seacraft marine. Mark Porter 07795331755. Give him a ring he is based at Salterns and has plotters etc on display.
  14. biggcol

    New rod and reel recommendations.

    Penn Squadron range of rods are superb at around the fifty quid mark.
  15. biggcol

    Photo of the month May.

    This guy popped up and had a good look into the cabin. Bobi managed to snap him as he went back down. Who needs to go to Florida.