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  1. Barney

    Tackle box inspiration

    I use one of these perfect for on the boat. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Carry-Case-Fishing-Tackle-Box-Hooks-Case-Craft-Caddy-4-Adjustable-Compartments-/262869874791?epid=0&hash=item3d3443f867:g:paYAAOSwdGFYsalH
  2. Barney

    Birthday wishes Paul

    Happy Birthday Paul
  3. Barney

    Birthday greetings Barney

    Thanks for all my Birthday wishes Back home now after 4 days in Alderney. Not the Best weather and fishing but a good time was had.
  4. Barney

    Birthday boy NIGGLE 29th

    Happy Birthday Nige Hope you have a great day.
  5. Barney

    Plotter sounder for inshore boat

    Garmin Echomap DV looks good Mick
  6. Barney

    Transferring Waypoints

    Hi all You can now download garmin homeport software for free to use on your pc. you need to copy a base map from your plotter and can manage your marks. Also check your card is not too large as some plotters have size limits Mick
  7. Barney

    Happy Birthday Mal

    Happy Birthday Mal
  8. Barney

    Happy birthday Mick - The Grinch

    Thanks For my Birthday wishes. New Water wolf camera to play with, just need to get out more.
  9. Barney

    Small Chest Freezer

    I dont think it leaks Sam it was my mums and was in use up until last week, its quite tidy. Yours if you want it or its going down the tip. I need to shift fairly quickly though. 07810 645490 give me a call. Mick
  10. Barney

    Small Chest Freezer

    Hi all Does any need a small chest freezer for bait ? Mick
  11. Barney

    Happy Birthday Mal

    Happy Birthday Mal, Hope you had a great day
  12. Barney

    Looking at buying a small rib

    I have a wetline 260 eco you can have for £150 Excellent condition hardly used but has a few usage marks happy to let you view and decide. Not been inflated this year but it had no leaks last year. Only selling as i got a slightly bigger one to suit my 6hp outboard. Mick
  13. Barney

    a real treat

    One of my daughters teachers caught one near Boscombe pier whilst handling for Mackerel on a Kayak a few years ago http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/8263674.anglers_hook_shark_off_boscombe_pier/ Mick
  14. Barney

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Jim, Just a beer or two today.
  15. Barney

    2014 Boat Species Comp

    1, Kingfisher 2, Fisheagle 3, Slice of Life 4, Awol 5. Reflections 2 6. The Grinch I love this comp when you look at the list of fish others have caught you realise what you can catch even in a small boat, just need to take someone with me that can fish.