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  1. Freddie

    Fixed Spool Reel

    I have always used Mitchell’s 300, 306 and 386, they have never let me down in the last 50 odd years. Wash them down, lubricate them and they will last you a lifetime.
  2. Freddie

    Poole Towing in Upton

    Thanks for that Jim. As I am staying in a campsite in Upton, Ian from Poole Towing has visited and fitted a new galvernised support strut for my trailer and is now shopping around for and fitting new wheel bearings. Would recommend Ian as he has been reliable, accommodating, helpful and has saved me a lot of time and hassle on my hols. 07802416525 is his number. PS: where have the macky gone? Plenty of bass though on Rappalas.
  3. Freddie

    Poole Towing in Upton

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my trailer, so will need some parts. Has any one used Ian at Poole Towing in Upton? Any recommendations? Thanks. Derek
  4. Freddie

    Abode 11

    Hi Craig, Freddie and me are really sorry to hear this news. We have also had a bad few years and can assure you that the sun will shine again in your life. Hang in there and they do say that 'time does heal'. We look forward to seeing next year at Beacon Hill for a fishy bbq and brandy. Keep well. Freddie and Derek.
  5. Freddie

    Abode 11 For Sale

    Hi Craig, Just tried to ring and text you but there's a digit missing on that number. Please text me your new mobile number. Chat soon. Derek
  6. Freddie

    Abode 11 For Sale

    Sorry to read this Craig. Hope you get the money you ask for and a replacement sometime soon as we look forward to our fishy bbq's in Aug. Keep well. Freddie and Derek.
  7. Freddie

    Abode 11 For Sale

  8. Freddie

    The Portland Coastguard Helicopter

    Maria signed it as well, so two more.
  9. Freddie

    Dummies Guide to Europe!!

    Very good. I will pass that on to my neighbour a HSBC manager in Canary Wharf.
  10. Freddie

    Spear Fishing

  11. Freddie

    Milf/ head......blow me

    Great pics and report again. Please keep them coming...
  12. Freddie

    Happy Birthday, Craig.

    Happy Birthday Craig, we hope you had a lovely day and look forward to seeing you soon at Beacon Hill. Maria, Derek & Freddie.
  13. Freddie

    Kimmeridge 12.3.12

    Wow, great conditions. I could trick ski on that sea, catch some macky , 'n bass then home for a BBQ. My perfect day! Keep those reports coming, they are fab.
  14. Freddie

    Massive Eastbourne cod 43lb 9oz

    Great fish but I think I would have put it back so that Freddie can catch it's off spring.