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  1. codpiece


    beautiful dog how did gib get it to wear spectacles ? all the best Gib Derek.
  2. codpiece

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    it won't mess up fish stocks THEY ALREADY ARE our home fishing fleet has long gone and i don't remember it as large or intrusive as our combined european partners are we i agree bear some responsibility for the present situation but a holiday in a fishing town/harbour/village and you won't see many or any offshore boats. i am 82 and 60 yrs ago as crew fished out of Coverack, NOT ANY MORE i don't even know the boat owners. the harbour is now filled with small pleasure craft the fishing community is no more. the social club on the harbour wall gone. Lifeboat gone (no crew) Their fishing grounds off the Lizard and into the channel are gone and they weren't fished out by locals. our non local fishermen friends haven't just destroyed the grounds they have decimated the local population. I went down to mudeford quay the other day and only knew 3 fishermen. i remember the quay with local boats tied up for most of its length. I was the lifeboat cox/helm from 1970 to1985 and only met 2 old crew i knew. I do really wish you & all who go to sea well. Derek
  3. codpiece

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    or we can grow some gonads and just go out and catch what we want from where we want it, JUST LIKE WE USED TO. DV
  4. codpiece

    Birthday greetings Derek

    thank you all so much for the birthday greetings they mean so much i will be at the AGM or i suspect some stick.. derek
  5. codpiece

    VHF channel changes

    Change of VHF i assume that 16 is emergency as ever. or is some bureaucrat going to flex his mental muscles on that as well. Derek
  6. codpiece

    New boat.

    Sorry ! but bloody lovely. Charley says it all *** Derek Codpiece
  7. codpiece

    Transfer information from PC to GPS and Vice Versa

    Charlie, on ''reclaim'' we had an old and wise CPO he always quoted an old adage that there 2 ''funnies'' funny ha ha, and funny peculiar, just be sure you have the right one tight lines to you and yours. Derek
  8. codpiece

    New boat.

    Great !!! Derek/codpiece
  9. codpiece

    Smoothie grabs a surfer off Devon

    Sorry,,What a load of ''cods''
  10. codpiece

    50 shades of Grey for seniors.

    Cheeky bugger. but i like it derek
  11. codpiece

    Happy Birthday Derek

    thanks to you all Derek
  12. codpiece

    Advice needed for tiling a bathroom

    Dont do it my friend, sneak out and buy some fishing bits and pieces with the money!! Derek V
  13. codpiece

    Breaking news

    Brian I think i might know one but no longer being involved in SAR there is nothing i can do Derek
  14. Here we go again !!!!!! page 6 tonights echo fisheries officers caught another boat this time with undersized clams on board the problem is while they where checking some clams and finding undersized shell fish he threw the rest of his catch over the side . now i might come across as a bit slow,{its old age} but thick i am not. what the hell was going on on board that allowed that to happen maybe the fisheries people where grabbing a quick sarny and a cup of tea the mind boggles!!! result Bmth Mag ct a fine and costs less than 500quid Now question is he a permit holder for the Poole harbour Manila clam fishery so will he be keeping it . If not he is just a common thief so why wasn't this one prosecuted by the police/public prosecutors or where they all having a well deserved tea break NOT Grumpy old Derek how about having a club visit from police & fisheries to explain what the hell is so good about their tea.