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  1. Tiddler


    Borrowed Brian's Engine hoist. Perfect ! Thank you very Much Brian.
  2. Found many more interesting models & prices yet Trev?
  3. You're expecting some fish on board then Trev ? High.mp4
  4. Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Stuie Happy Birthday to You ! An Extra slice of Cake & a glass or two of Vino
  5. Happy Birthday Andy & Andy Hope you both had a great Birthday.
  6. I joined Poole Yacht Club a few years ago. Fantastic slip. They don't really like boats with engines but I think they tolerate me as I pay my money and hardly ever use the slip. Much like I did at Cobb's ! They were asked years ago if the club could pay to use the slipway but they were not interested. ------------- So Cobb's have stopped public slipway use? I knew they didn't like it. They prefer us to pay the full whack for mooring!
  7. I was lucky enough to be invited out on Stingray last year. She is superbly laid out and that engine is very smooth and you give it a right good flushing through after every trip. I can guess that the Mark 1 in Gosport will be cheaper and then start spending ! 0r Probably pay a bit more for one that's ready to go and the spending has already been done. I know which way I'd jump. Just my opinion ! ! As an ex Warrior owner I can vouch for their quality.
  8. I used to launch at Cobbs but moved elsewhere.
  9. Tiddler nips out for a Jolly I was working this morning and Jackie was at her Sister's. When she came home for lunch she said " why don't we go out in the boat" We quickly got everything ready and nipped out. We pootled up to Wareham quay & back. No fishing . . . . Just a Jolly! Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvly! Must do it more often. Only used Half a Crown in fuel. Sad to see a lot of very badly neglected boats moored up the Wareham river though.
  10. Mk2 is MUCH nicer. Stingray is Tasty!
  11. Thanks Martin. Sorry Steve.
  12. I thought maybe Megabyte. You could get one with a loo then ! !
  13. Sorry Steve, I've hijacked your thread. Martin: Could you cut it to a new thread please? Jim
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