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  1. Tiddler


    Well I'm half way there Brian. Old and senile. Just not the judge
  2. Marlin - Greg + One other ?? Madness: Jim, Martin + Maybe Dean
  3. Tiddler

    2008 Jeanneau Merry Fisher 625 Legende /

    Shame I can't afford mooring fees. Looks very nice. Jim
  4. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Stuie Happy Birthday to you Have a good one Stuie. Jim
  5. Tiddler

    Flounder rig?

    Just right for that SEAL !
  6. Tiddler

    Pinched from Offshore Outlaws

    I wondered why my ears were burning.
  7. Yes please Guv'nor. Thanks Martin.
  8. Tiddler

    9th Birthday Treat

    Pure Magic. They'll remember it forever.
  9. Tiddler

    Fish of the Month - 2020

    Wey Hey! The secret Trigger mark !
  10. Anyone need crew ?
  11. Tiddler

    Happy birthday Chris

    Happy Birthday Chris. Don't think we've met but it doesn't stop me wishing you a good one. Jim
  12. Tiddler

    Oh bugger

    Thanks Kam Gives us an insight. Very wise words.
  13. Tiddler

    Where's Wally

    Getting in practice for next month. I'll be retired by then !
  14. Tiddler

    Where's Wally

    Let's hope the weather improves soon.