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  1. Tiddler

    Sunday - trip out

    Nice one Mick
  2. Tiddler

    Sunday - trip out

    Don't try to put your foot down Dave! You'll sprain your ankle.
  3. Tiddler

    Sunday - trip out

    Ditto ! It seems I have this work life Bank-balance thing wrong !
  4. Tiddler

    Complete Newbie wanting to Kayak fish

    I think he means this one: https://www.pbsbac.co.uk/forums/topic/19832-kayak-safety/?tab=comments#comment-156314
  5. Tiddler

    Hi everyone

    You're up & about Tony ! Nice one.
  6. Tiddler

    Rodman for sale at PYC

    I'm only 97 grand light ! Seriously though! Looks lovely !
  7. Tiddler

    Accident at Upton crossroads

    Yes Colin. Much needed rain! The hose pipe ban has finally been lifted !
  8. Tiddler

    Accident at Upton crossroads

    Delivery van at Upton was in an accident. Cases & Cases of Vick’s Vapo Rub all over the road. . . . . .The police say it’s OK there’s no congestion !
  9. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Dave. Happy Birthday Freddie.
  10. Tiddler


    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvly !
  11. Tiddler

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Tubby Fair ! I did it myself on a flounder comp years ago. I was lucky to have Frank Morris nearby ( Within shouting distance ) He loaned me his spare battery. I still owe him a beer. With interest . . . . probably ½ a dozen beers by now. Cheers Frank. So ALL of the above banter can be aimed at Me too !
  12. Tiddler

    2020 Photo of the Month- January

    Sorry Charlie. My resistors have failed me ! No Charge.wma
  13. Tiddler

    Hi everyone

    Hi Max, Welcome to PBSBAC. Money well spent. It really is a great club. Have you been told about the rules for new members? You have to buy beer for anyone named Jim. Jim
  14. Tiddler

    January Apologies

    Ian was there! Need I say any more ?
  15. Tiddler

    Undersized bass deaths in Cornwall

    Ditto Martin & Jerry. Thanks Stuie.