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  1. Tiddler


    Thanks Gary & Rob. Booked into Nuffield for tomorrow and the RAC will take me there. I just hope that the distance I travelled wasn't enough to do serious and expensive damage. But that's nothing compared to how angry I am with myself.
  2. Tiddler


    Brian: Tesco to home then as far as Lidl behind you then a quick turnaround as the "penny dropped" cos it was misfiring a bit. Thanks all for the helpful suggestions. Just phoned Nuffield and went to answerphone. I'll try again after 9 in case they're in. My car is 7 years old but it's only done 30,000 miles so I'd better pay the money with the least risk to Engine & Injectors I suppose. IAM a knmxfgnvhbdbvhjhdfjh!!!!!*&^%$£^%^%$£$%$%
  3. Tiddler


    Thanks Ian. Something to bear in mind.
  4. Tiddler


    Don't know what happens with the insurance. I'm on protected no claims but that's never as good as it sounds.
  5. Tiddler


    And I think it tastes bloody awful too.
  6. Tiddler


    Jackie says it's worth a call to the insurance to see if I'm covered. Always worth a try I suppose.
  7. Tiddler


    Plus the wasted tank of fuel. Plus the embarrassment. Saw a sign once: " Of all the things I've lost . . . . . . . I miss my Marbles most of all " I guess it's my age ! 🤪
  8. Tiddler


    RAC will tow me 10 miles so it's doable. I could do it myself but would need lots of containers and make a mess in the drive.
  9. Tiddler


    Well I did it! Plonker ! 🤪 Over half a tank of unleaded in a Diesel. Anyone know someone who will come to my house & drain it all without ripping me off ?
  10. I'd call it 20 lbs if I was on my 3rd pint !
  11. Thanks all for the Birthday wishes. Been working today and NO BEER. Did have a takeaway curry & cake though. Steve & family came over for tea yesterday brandishing beer and a cake that his eldest had made. Not gone short of beer over the past few days so won't hurt to have a day off ! Jackie's gone overboard on the pressies so I'm a very happy old codger.
  12. Tiddler


    Plenty of nets out there Rob. I hope you find a spot that's not been cleared out by nets. Martin: Thanks it was a real treat!
  13. Strange weather when we went Plaice fishing on Madness. Quite a few squalls about but none of them hit us.
  14. Tiddler


    Was minding my own business on Saturday, Busy painting Hall, Stairs, Landing, Lounge. The aim was work til 1:00 ish then same thing on Sunday. Had a text from Martin to see if I was up for a trip? ( silly question) ! So we carried on all day with decorating. We were both as stiff as planks by tea time. Up early Sunday and left in time for the 08:30 bridge. Headed out on a fresh but beautiful morning. Went over just past the piers to try for a few. Martin was soon into a fish and our expectations were raised! A small Gurnard brought onboard. T
  15. Tiddler

    Good old Wood

    Been sticking all the capping slates down today. Just got home @ 7:30. Beer O'Clock now then. 🤪
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