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  1. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you had a good one. Quite a milestone! Jim
  2. Tiddler

    First time out for Tiddler

    Indeed great to be out. Rob: I can't afford Asda. It's Aldi for me. As for the diet: I'm back on the beer & cake etc. Watching my weight though and if it starts to go up again I'll do something about it. I'm 2 stone lighter than I was a few months ago and I like it. I may go back on it again at a later date to knock a bit more off. A few beers & cakes first though eh ? But yes. Tiddler was good. I'll be watching the weather for another trip. With a bit of luck Jacqui can accompany me and show me how to do it. I think I've missed the Bream but a few Mackerel & a couple of Bass would be good.
  3. Tiddler

    First time out for Tiddler

    After starting my engine with the bottom end in a trug bucket full of water . . . . . . . . Just as I started it I got a message from the girl in charge of my diet and replied to it. In what seemed like seconds but was probably a bit longer. (I'm not the fastest texter) I checked the telltale . . . . . . . .Nothing . . . . . " Oh Bottom " ! I thought. I was using a bucket to keep the noise down! Went for muffs and changed fitting on hose to suit. . . . . . .Too late! Made a call to Sam who does my services etc. (Not been serviced for 3 years due to lack of use) He came round a couple of hours later for a look. Impeller housing deformed due to heat! Ordered all new parts for full service & damaged impeller bits. Took a little while to get ALL of the parts but it's done now and runs sweet! He came yesterday and talk of catching a few got me eager to get out there. Got on the water at 3:00pm and headed out. Got a call from Mick (Sparky) on the radio. They'd been sunbathing around the back of Brownsea and were heading in. Outside the harbour and away from traffic the sea was flat enough to open her up. Heading towards Southbourne at 30MPH Just past Boscombe pier I heard Doombar & Fisheagle discussing all the fish over Swanage way ! ! I'm going the wrong flipping way again! Turned Tiddler around and headed for Swanage. When Doombar & Fisheagele finished their chat I called Doombar a couple of times but no answer. Got to Swanage looking for a " White Bouy" that Hooky said plenty of Bream were there. I couldn't find a white bouy anywhere so drifted around for a while but never had a nibble so went over to Ballard and anchored there. Saw someone on a bigger boat further out waving but had no idea who it was. (It was Ian) Stayed there a while without a sniff so back to Swanage for another drift. Tally for the day was " Nowt " but what a fantastic day to be out and Tiddler's engine was smoooooooooooooth. For a 13ft boat she's very happy out there. I think I used about half a crown in fuel. ( Anyone younger than Me that's 12.5p ) Lesson for the day. Don't get distracted. Check the telltale ! ! I'm loving this furlough! I expect my nasty old boss will want me to start working again now Tiddler's sorted, Sun's shining and bulk of D.I.Y's finished. Sounds as though I've got time on my hands. Not a chance. I don't know how I ever had time to go to work. Jim
  4. Tiddler

    Two Long Days

    Charlie Anear may be able to contact her.
  5. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Probably just doing what I usually do! Feeding them up for somebody else to catch ! ! !
  6. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Trout fishing ? ?
  7. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings Jason & Andy

    Happy Birthday Both. Jim
  8. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Happy Birthday Trev. I hope it's a good one. Weather's great so enjoy it whatever you're doing. Jim
  9. Tiddler

    Get your Rods out!

    Maybe it should be in catch reports. Jacqui's Sister & Brother in law have been Landscaping the garden. Here's the latest addition! I said " I'll get my Rods "
  10. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Sam

    Happy Birthday Sam. Blimey ! 30 You'll be drawing your pension soon. Will you be able to do any fishing? Or stay on land with a cool beer & a slice of cake? Have a good one. Jim
  11. Tiddler

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Dave's ordered me some special spray. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greenfly spray !
  12. Tiddler

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Well done Mike.
  13. Tiddler

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    Thanks for the chat Terry. Parts didn't turn up so looks like I'm still not going out. Thursday looks windy. Jacqui will make sure I'm not bored though!
  14. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday Jerry What a cracking day for it! I guess the Beer & Cake will have to wait until later. You've got the " Hunter Gatherer " thing to do first. Couple of Bass & a few Bream maybe? Enjoy. Jim
  15. Tiddler

    Has anyone seen any mackerel yet?

    I was hoping for a few Plaice. Not much point now!