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  1. I didn't worry too much about the cost as I built it on a Budgie...................ðŸĪ the parts were going cheep ðŸŠķ 😎
  2. It's a green table - blue would clash!
  3. Looking into this - might use a pull off pipe to get it below the gunwale or it would still blow everywhere. Cheers
  4. Just a prototype really - and I know the colour clashes with the hull duckie before someone starts.......... 😆 850mm x 300mm overall. Clips on the gunwale and slightly pitched away from the deck so you don't get too much snot and gunk on your skirt. Drain holes may come. Thermo plastic so will wash easily and not smell like Jan T's boat. Will fold down or come off easily. Bait or fillet station. Quick build and very cheap. I thank you........................
  5. We could add steady handles in the rod holders if that would help?????
  6. .... we needed to solve a particularly sensitive and tricky problem. As most of the space is taken up by lots of great angling and electronic boating stuff we think we have the answer to his dilemma and will save Brian a fortune. Sea trials will begin soon and if successful a new installation will be available for the winter season. Best used underway with trim tabs adjusted to suit the occupant. Further ideas welcome.
  7. Happy Birthday Fellas - have a great day.
  8. If you have a spare USB port use a WD Essential Book or similar. Got one about 3 years ago for about 60 squid. 3 terabytes. Jolly good for system backups too.
  9. Hello boys and girls. I'm looking for ðŸĪ” a small amount of hull paint for the bottom of a small tender. Colour not important. cash job - will collect. Many thanks. Wedge
  10. I can't find another which ticks any more boxes I might need than the V 50 Pro. Providing it is totally waterproof and has enough battery and memory I think we are in. Wedge
  11. What do you guys consider to be the best fixed action camera for a boat (remote activated)? Sort of looking at fixing one to the radar arch overlooking the deck and immediately alongside to capture fish being landed and smiley faces with the catch on board. Cheers Wedge 😎
  12. I spoke to Cobbs last week re options and facilities. Y'all may know but Cobbs no longer offer public slippage. 😐
  13. Now ya getting serious!! that looks brill bud. Can't wait to see what you can do with her.
  14. Wedger

    Radar safety

    Just asking a pertinertinent question as radar has been likened to standing by a running microwave with no door on...... ðŸĪŠ
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