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    Members spotting stuff 'sus' !! and reporting is essential and in this case, probably played a critical role in supporting the bailiff and the eventual official attendance, resulting in the arrest. Hats off B's & G's.
  2. Wedger


    When first arrested they had away all his kit and vehicles. He pleaded hardship so they gave him back the vehicles within 48 hours. if I recall it was not long afterwards he was caught again.
  3. Wedger


    The Echo have run the article again today rewritten (I assume they are short of column) Kate referred in the headline and column that Barton was a 'Rouge Angler' !!! I have explained to her (with courtesy), the differences between recreational anglers and fisherman and also a bit of detail on commercial, licensed fish and 'black fish' including the damage to all concerned and the environment caused by illegal fishing. I hope to have a response today.
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    Yes, although a local bailiff had been observing for a while to actually catch the barstuard red handed................ and he did............ TWICE. Part of the reason they were able to use the 'proceeds of crime' calculation to really bust him.
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    Harbour bass

    From the album: Otter 2016

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    Otter 2016

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    Big Birthdays

    Happy Birthday Boyz & Happy Anniversary T' Club too!! Sorry I can't be there tomorrow, but Jim has offered to eat my cake and drink my beer too so all should go smoothly! Thanks Jim.
  8. Wedger

    Best wishes Charlie

    Have a great Birthday Charlie! Trev
  9. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Thank you every peeps! Sorry for the late reply, been away enjoying oneself ha ha! Yes Jim, BEER & CAKE was well and truly done - including the odd crab, prawn, mussel, lobster and pints of Beast of Bodmin & Proper Job................... oh yes & a pasty
  10. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Ben

    Happy Birthday M8
  11. Heard on the radio the other day that in July this year another 330,000 tonnes of sand is to be dumped on Bournemouth beach!! guess we all know where that will end up -same place as the last lot! Think I'm pulling out of Xchurch for a year or so to see where this all goes.
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    My kinda footy

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    Not fishy but tickled a bit

    I know............................ I need to go fishing!!
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    Making Tea

    OR In the words of Jonny Mathis................ "I can see clearly now........................ the swelling has gone"........... OWTTE
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    Bass in Parliament

    Had a reply from Scott Mann today. Dear Trevor, Thank you for writing and for your support. I completely understand the points you make, and that's why it was important to get the debate that I led a couple of weeks ago. The current rules in place are not fair and I want to see a policy which conserves bass stocks but also accommodates anglers for the small impact they have. The debate had a lot of passionate speakers, and it’s encouraging to see that so many MPs were keen to speak on behalf of the angling industry. Kind regards, Oll an gwella Scott Mann Member of Parliament for North Cornwall Scott Mann MP Member of Parliament for North Cornwall
  16. Wedger

    Bass in Parliament

    Sent my thanks to 3 MPs Scott for getting it in 'The House', My MP and the Xchurch MP as Xchurch is where I spend my money. Hope something positive comes of this. Well done PJ and all of the 'movers and shakers' Trev
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    Nice one Steve, Good to see you making the best of a slim window.
  18. Wedger

    New bass regulations

    Done Kipper
  19. Wedger


    Done too Trev
  20. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Been there and got the 't' shirt chap. Hope you gather some birthday luck!!
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    Belated Birthday wishes Brian.
  22. Wedger

    Happy Birthday Martin

    Very Happy Birthday Martin. Have a good one............. and choose red! Trev
  23. Wedger

    Cracking time

    Trouble is that the button joints have steel parts and possibly chrome as well. Electrolysis from the first wetting and you're doomed ........ Dooooomed as Private Frazer would say....
  24. Wedger

    Club Cod Competition Winner

    Nice one Nige.............. Well deserved for the effort you put in. Spot on!