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    A smutty morning

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    Happy with this

    In my hunt for stingrays I had a nice by catch on my huge rag baits. My mate weighed it on his electronic scales at 2,12 after taking off for his mesh bag. Also had a lot of fun on the smuts. Nice to get a fish on the board, although it'll get beaten by loads of undies this month[emoji23][emoji23] Returned to grow much bigger Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Worth whiting for...

    Forcast was light winds for the day = it would have been rude not to take advantage - so it was a leisurely 9am start with friend Ken aboard. The plan was to look for whiting and we motored to a likely looking area well off Ballard. After a brief unproductive drift we dropped the hook and bites began straight away- dogs and a small conger followed by some jumbo pout. Then whiting began to put in an appearance - we managed several dozen with a few kept - they were mainly of a good ,stamp' best being 2lb 9oz. Back at Cobbs shortly after three for a celebratory Doombar. A very successful winter session.
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    Kingfisher 126

    Photo of the month May.

    Blake’s biggest Ballan Wrasse to date.
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    Very slow day in the bay

    lazy 9am start with Geoff. Went out in favourable sea to an area south of Old Harry and dropped the NEW anchor. Baits set. After a while a sizeable whiting responded to baited feathers. With another couple dropped. Then a doggy on the bottom trace, The wind rose making it uncomfortable so it was up anchor and into the harbour where we tied off in the north channel and had a comfortable lunch in the sun and being sheltered from the cold wind it was quite pleasant. No bites to worms and a 30 minute drift of the main channel brought no response either so it was back to Cobbs for fuel and a cursory clean. Typical February session for us - thanks for the company Geoff.
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    Photo of the month May.

    This guy popped up and had a good look into the cabin. Bobi managed to snap him as he went back down. Who needs to go to Florida.
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    Mal Thomas

    First trip this year for Y-Knot

    Slightly over eagar start to get out this morning, took one look at the breakers at the end of the channel and went back into the Harbour for an hour. Even after the wait there was only 2 foot 6 inches outside the last channel markers, had to quickly lift the engine more and coast over the realy shallow bit. No fun at all, on the way in the breakers were quiet lively and still only 3 foot 6 inches at the end channel and no end markers have been positioned. Went down to Milford to try for a plaice or two, no luck with the plaice but I did manage 4 nice thorneys in 40mins, tons of baby dogs and a pout. Moved back to Christchurch and had 3 small eyed rays in 20 minutes and then the dogs moved in. Back home for for 3.30pm and a wash down, first trip without any hiccups always a good start to the season.
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    Adam F

    Photo of the month May.

    Isla’s first proper day’s fishing and a double header of bream for tea.
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    A proper fishy day

    I haven't fished freshwater for the best part of 3 years. Nothing too weird about that but I live 10 houses away from a river and grew up fishing rivers and lakes 2 or 3 times a week from the age of 11 until mid to late 20s. My kids are on half term and I promised them that we would fish the river Stour during this week. We popped down to the marina to get some things off of my boat at 11am Wednesday but the chance of a swift getaway was denied by the mrs who had other ideas. She had packed lunch for the kids so we got out the cushion and sat on the back of our boat in the sunshine. Pretty soon there were mullet all around us and my lad talked me into setting his rod up. 5 minutes later we hooked and landed the biggest in the shoal which was approximately 3lb. Result. Back home to sort the fishing stuff and buy a 1 day rod license. Bought it in the afternoon so we could then go again Thursday early morning (lasts 24h). A quick session in the gym followed by dinner saw us on the riverbank at 5pm. Managed to snaffle some roach and chub early doors and as the sun started going down the worms came out and we moved to a swim I used to catch Perch in 25 years ago. Bingo, 7 or 8 Perch landed in 20 minutes with a decent 12oz one for good measure. Bedtime for my 6 year old and 8 year old daughter who had come down a little later with mum. We walked back and they were tucked in bed by 20.30. I received a call from my dad wanting to plan a fishing trip on the boat this weekend so that was arranged. He asked if I had decided on a holiday for October half term because I've been talking about holibobs for 6 months but not pulled the trigger. 'We should just go carping in France' I told him. 5 minutes later and we were both searching the net for availability. Boom, there was a space at a familiar lake with nice gite for the family. This was coincidentally the last place I fished in fresh water until today. Wow, talk about signs from above. Lake and ferry booked and we're off to the place where a week saw us bank 9 30lb fish and 6 40lb carp. Calsberg don't do fishy days but if they did, Wednesday would have been one of them.
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    Super dangling and company.

    Myself and two friends raided the waters 6 miles south of the needles yesterday. Great tips from a couple of club members made the day, thanks guys [emoji1303]. We arrived around 1pm after steaming from Hamble and stopping at Yarmouth deep to feather for mackerel , we found 3 or 4 to add to the bait box. First drop for the tope produced a feisty 15lb example After that we had another 5 between 6-12lb, one brill A small thornie And of course the standard LSD (not deemed worthy enough for a pic)!! Weather was amazing and Tarlach Too behaved impeccably . All in all a great day out and loads of fun had !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flatfish Competition

    Allan has asked me to post Frank's picture of his Plaice to be added
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    Scratching Saturday

    Apart from the fog in the harbour a fantastic day was had onboard Madness last Saturday. Weather was absolutely perfect the fish were biting and banter was flowing, what more could we ask for. Fish caught were Conger eel (miniscule) Pouting, Whiting, Thornback rays, bass, starfish and whelks, ohh did I forget dogfish? loads of those. All in all a great day afloat with great company, thanks Tony and Neal for joining me. 👍
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    Mid Channel Madness

    Dean and I decided we would go out on the boat fishing Sunday so arrangements for food and bait were made . Down the boat for a later start at 8:15. First stop was at Cobbs Quay fuel berth to fill Madness up after our Alderney foray then out into the harbour. We had a conversation about what we should do, breaming was on the agenda but seeing how flat the sea was along with the combination of small tides we plumped for mid channel wrecks. On our previous trip over to Alderney we lost all our pink look alike eels which had seemed to be the colour preferred by the fish, a quick call into Poole Sea Angling got us something similar then off we went this side of mid channel to see what we could find. The trip out saw a flattish sea which gave us a comfortable cruise speed at 20+ knots. Got to our first wreck which had fished on previous occasions but unfortunately not today with just a couple of hard won fish appearing. After giving it a good length of time the decision was made to move to the next closest wreck which was about 1.5 miles further west from the first mark. This small wreck fished slightly better but was not blistering sport with just the odd cod. Off we go again another 5 miles west to a reasonable sized wreck. This move was well justified with Pollock to 15lb and a splattering of small 5-8lb cod. Coming home was interesting with visibility down to 50 metres at one point, the fog was really quite thick and a total change from the morning. At one point Dean said look up I can see the sun to which I replied unfortunately we were not going that way and still couldn’t see more than 70/80 metres ahead, really strange. Close inshore (within a mile of land) the fog cleared to hazy sunshine. The point of making an issue of the fog is that if we did not have radar we would have been travelling at about 6 or 7 knots and bricking ourselves but with all the navigational aids on Madness including radar we were able to not only keep up a reasonable cruising speed of about 15 knots comfortably but we were able to see boats on the screens that were around us . Had we not had radar we would have came straight over the wrecks off Swanage where several boats had divers down. We could see these on radar 6 miles ahead so could take a slightly different course giving them a wide berth and not spoiling there (or our) day. I know that most of the club boats that go offshore are very experienced skippers and have all the kit and more. If less experienced members want to take their boats well offshore please take the time to talk to those that have been there and done that. Your learning curve will be greatly reduced
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    Kingfisher 126

    Photo of the Month July

    Jacob with a nice Undulate Ray in kids comp. 9lb 12oz.
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    Steve S

    Photo of the month June

    Bass on!
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    Kingfisher 126

    Jeremy Corbyn

    One of many flying around! This one family friendly.
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    HOW from the Plaice Chase

    With the entry money and additional tickets for the raffle sold we’ve raised £320 for Heroes on the Water. A big thank you to Bournemouth Canoes for the prize, a top of the line kayak cart, and to Chris and Mal for giving their time , money and effort to act as a support vessel. A great club indeed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tiddler goes to Wareham

    Tiddler goes to Wareham. Friday was another scorcher so we decided not to waste it. We launched at 2:30 ish and headed up the Wareham channel. With a 12 mph easterly and only a 13 foot boat I thought that going outside the harbour was probably not a good idea. ( I did point out that if we had a Barracuda it would be fine ) We headed towards Wareham at a leisurely pace. When we reached the river entrance we were plagued by biting, blood sucking flies. I looked on line and thought they looked like Blandford Flies but we've not come up in lumps so probably not ! We got to the quay, lowered the rod tubes and carried on up stream . . . . . Past everyone's favourite big house. We went all the way to the bypass before turning back. We stopped at the quay and Jacqui bought us an ice cream. When we left we were against the breeze so no problem with flies. After a while I nagged at Jacqui to take the helm ( she's done the level 2 ) but with it being so rare that we go out she loses her confidence. We went outside of the harbour and although it wasn't a problem for Tiddler it just makes it uncomfortable so we turned back. Jacqui was in charge until we were nearly back to the launching area and it got very busy. We had no rods with us so it was just a " Jolly " And very nice it was too.
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    Out for a run

    Taken JoJo away on our early summer family holiday as usual. Change if scenery this year (9 yrs in Dartmouth), we have tried Mylor near Falmouth. This is the spot I have launched for autumn sharking several times, what better place to stay than in the marina! Not my idea, Jo's! Didn't hear me arguing! Nice to see the JoJo from the property! She has not been out since October and that was down here. Yesterday the 4 of us headed out late evening to St Anthony Light house on the entrance to Falmouth and St Mawes for a cruise. Charlotte then piloted us back in, all the way until the final docking. Hopefully some catch reports will be forth coming! R
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    Out for a run

    So popped out for a couple of hours with the kids as company. Quick call to Charlie Chapman's charter skipper friend and he put is on to a location. "You will be plagued with rays, dogfish and bullhuss" perfect I thought,just what the kids want. 5 mins in and thornie, 5 mins another happy days. As I am typing this we have missed another. Just what they needed to keep interest! Thanks Charlie. Rob
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    Saturday gave the top side a good clean with the family,Sandy loves playing with the pressure washer so I was able to clean sink area etc. Sunday with a mild hangover from a great dinner dance....thanks for organizing Mal[emoji106] I went out about 8.15 with bream as my target . Tried by Ballard just below Joint Venture but missed my only bite so moved into Swanage bay to find Chris and Mal there on kinkyfisher [emoji23] Wasn’t to long and they come on the feed slowly with largest at 2 1/2 lb all went back as full of eggs,only 4 or 5 but target achieved.It then died with the tide so tried several places in the bay but my head was banging so in just after lunch. Great to be out and she goes great with the brand new leg
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    So a evening report Met up with Megabite by Aunt Betty, Good advise given, it's not very nice out there ! So off we go , found it rather bumpy on the way out , that bloody slamming so we found Happy Hooker , very kindly let us have a few Mackerel for bait ( sorry about the wee ding ) 40 odd ft of water about half mile SE off the pier , nothing really happening but was joined by Boy Colin & Megabite . A few of them had been out for most of the day , tales of a fantastic days catch (come on Colin) the VHF was very lively ! A decision was made to move inshore just as it got dark , Three Sole first drop on Happy Hooker , errrr we must b doing it wrong 😂 So so tonight's tally was all small fish ( Plaice, Gurnard, Bream Pouting Doggies Smoothhound ) but once again these evening trips are geared towards social gathering . I have also had a brilliant evening on my first "" Pen Rod Challenge """"" Truly great fun can be had with a lively Smoothhound ( I will think on this for further evenings ) It all went very well , roll on those summer evenings , it's so good to fish in company , thanks chaps.
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    i'm in!

    Trip west

    After a chat at the club presentation, hatched a plan to have a weekday 🙄a Tuesday off 😳😳 met Jerry and Jerry at 7 o'clock, and shambles bound we were,turbot the target 🤞🤞 a steady 20 ish knots to the mark, found a couple of charters maybe today was the day second drift brill to me 😉😉 next drift brill to me 👍then a turbot to Jerry 2. skipperJerry was entertained with launce and sand eels 😩😩 two drifts time fish on to me 👍Another brill I must be Brill ___ iant 😉 Then in the skipper had a turbot and Jerry 2 had another, then a nice turbot to me made the tally 7 for the day a couple of keepers made it all good a great day to be out with some great banter and company wasn't to bad either 😆😆thanks Jerry for the invite and a great trip, and nice to meet Jerry 2
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    Lazy start

    Out at 9am with Geoff saw us drop the hook on the patch - bream from the off but mainly females - all returned. Geoff weakened and put down mackerel and bingo - Weymouth Wahoo, I noticed serious action on the mini mackerel lures and reeled in a 2,5lb pollack, Tide dropped and fish more sporadic so we upped anchor and tried a drift for plaice - no takers. A fruitless drift in the harbour saw us give up - the wind was much stronger than forecast and it had a cold bite too. Saw Purbeck Miss tied to a mooring buoy in the harbour with not a lot to report. I tried calling any poole bay etc on ch 6 early on and someone tried to reply but the signal was too weak to understand,
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    Note to members : Now we are on BST the station will be open 7 days a week from 08.00 to 20.00 hrs . We are available on Channel 65 to give Radio Checks, local actual weather conditions as well as the current Inshore Weather Forecast , on top of all that we are also looking out for your welfare . Give us a call next time you are out and about. Regards. Peter Ellis .