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    Baby Ray ID please

    Going through the images the closest would be SER.
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    great white

    live weather site

    Parkstone Yacht Club have just had the wind reader that we use on the platform in the middle of Poole Harbour repaired. It feeds info into the weather system at the Club, that is also used on a website. If you are looking for live information prior to deciding if it is safe to go afloat, it could be a good idea to look on here http://weather.ianmillard.com/windycator/#!/11/50.7075/-1.9350 Charlie
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    live weather site

    Twice last year my little Tiddler was on the water. Previous year . . . . . . 9 times! Need to beat that this year by a long way.
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    great white

    Baby Ray ID please

    small spotted are very clearly marked, so I would think that one is out http://www.uk-fish.info/pages/smalleyedray.html http://www.uk-fish.info/pages/cuckooray.html http://www.uk-fish.info/pages/blonderay.html http://www.uk-fish.info/pages/spottedray.html above links are from the aquarium project, helped a lot by pictures taken by Steve Porter
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    live weather site

    Well, useful for most of us Jim 😁😁😁
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    Baby Ray ID please

    Inconclusive although I reckon it will be one off the larger species as I'd think if it's one of the smaller rays it woul exhibit more of its adult traits for its size
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    Photo of the Month Feb

    Simply fantastic
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