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    lady jane

    2 days

    Monday launched in the dark and minus 3. nice weather with calm seas saw us catching lots of small eels of around 5 llb and a few up to perhaps 20llb, pouting and one cod to me. Tuesdays venue was west bexington. my mates turn with one pouting and one whiting with me blanking. its never about the catching it’s about being there.
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    Pom Winner November

    Steve with a Fish. Can’t remember what these are called
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    Photo of the month December

    Post your photos below. Press like to vote. no smileys just likes. My favourite launch, Tanners Lane
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    Photo of the month December

    Leo’s first match for Sholing FC under 9’s. Sunday 1st. He got Man of the match ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Im looking for recommendations on local firms to help with the minefield of choosing the latest chart plotters/transducers/vhf radio etc and to fit them, i'm getting really confused with all this new stuff although my old stuff wasn't that old Help Thanks Gary
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    marine electrical engineer recommendation

    Phew ! I can't keep up with you Gary ! Last week no boat. This week looking for boaty gadgets. Hmmmmmm YOU'RE up to something All the best. Jim
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    Pom Winner November

    Well done Steve, smile says it all👍
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    Flotalia of lights

    Yep and the event is supported by PHC and Poolebid, no wonder the town is in such a mess with all that joined up thinking