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    Arvor 250 steering

    Try using a small funnel that fits the helm keep it an inch up thetube if you opening and just top up the oil it may jump out when you turn the wheel mw
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    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    SAVAGE GEAR XLNT-3 TRIGGER ROD SERIES MODEL: CCS XLNT-3 TRIGGER ROD SERIES I picked up one of these this year they do a nice range and not silly money, I ordered mine from one of the eBay stores as I could not get one local though. Plenty of reviews on you tube for them as well. RODS AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES LENGTH CASTING SECTIONS TRANSPORT LENGTH ROD WEIGHT 7ft / 213cm 12-45g 2 sec 108cm 135g 7ft / 213cm 20-70g 2 sec 108cm 164g 7ft / 213cm > 100g 2 sec 108cm 157g 8ft-3" / 251cm > 100g 2 sec 128cm 199g 8ft-3" / 251cm > 150g 2 sec 128cm 215g
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    Mike Fox

    Heavier spinning rod wanted

    Hi Steve, Have a look at the Berkley Naumad travel rod - heavy spinning travel rod, 4-piece, 80g casting weight. http://www.berkley-fishing.co.uk/berkley-rods-spinning-rods-berkley-naumad/berkley-naumad-casting-travel/1454122-0300.html Can double up as a holiday rod for barracuda, bluefish, trevally, etc. I won a Shimano 8000-sized reel a few years ago that I've struggled to find a use for, and it makes a good pair. Mike