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Club cod comp..

alun j.

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Back at work today, for a rest after working at home for three days


Just checked the bournemouth surf report [magic seaweed] website which usually gives a good indication for what we get.


Sat winds peak at 46 MPH

Sunday at 47 MPH


I think the Cod will be left well alone, and I will be working at home again. sad.gif



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Following week looks a bit better at 14mph (METCHECK)........but even Ben footie could be called off because of the rain we are supposed to be having....... I hope weather improves for you lucky ones..

That should cheer GAS mad.gif up a bit !!


Dave biggrin.gif

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Good call Adam


I am afraid we will not make the 29th


That is unless Sam and I can talk HMS Kent into a stop off of Poole. wink.gif


I am joining him onboard at Plymouth, for the last night of his six month deployment and a trip along the coast to Portsmouth.


I hope the weather is better

Charlie biggrin.gif

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Don't worry Charlie I'm sure even the press gang has an upper age limit biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I'dsay you are safe.



Colin wink.gif

Thank god for that tongue.gif


I hope that the wind has eased a bit, its been a long time since I last went along the South Coast on a warship.

But 1 day from home after six months away I am sure they will not be letting rough weather keep them from getting to Pompey.



Charlie biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Can you believe it ?? It's actually looking promising for next Sunday biggrin.gif !! It might be a bit damp.........but light Westerlies are in the forecast !!


Here's hoping that holds true ...... and the [residual] swell is not too bad.


Will some better weather bring more out to fish the comp.?? .... or are you all busy preparing for Christmas??



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If the weather really is calming down then I'm certainly going to be taking Fugazi out to fish the competition. Not been out since the last forecast of F3-4 westerly about a month ago. We ended up coming back in a F6 that resulted, in amongst other things, snapping two carbon fibre rods in half including my Super Kenzaki 6-12lb boat rod.


Looking forward to trying out new rod and christening new landing net.


Gordon H


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