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Cod pics

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QUOTE:but the mans an expert and he always has a few extra tips up his sleeve to help wrangle out a few when others blank


buying fish from greenslades and passing them of as yours dosnt count! blink.gifph34r.gif <<<<<jokeing


are you and dommyboy getting out soon gnasher???


also off topic can you still fish the ray mark for rays at this time ofyear?? and is now the time to catch day time conger as i STILL havnt caught one!!! ph34r.gif


FISH ON!!! ph34r.gif

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thanks for your comments guys,

Daz you will get quite a few congers now the waters a bit more coloured.

corkys best to try the slate beds out of Poole if you want to get a few or any of the wrecks, but there's the odd one about on most deepish Marks round the ledge and on xray this time of year.

there's also the OD ray about inshore but there moving out deeper wink.gif

we just need a weather window to get back out there,


a miracle happened yesterday tho, the missus asked if I would like to go fishing again as the kids love eating cod!! laugh.gif


I asked if she was feeling OK!!! blink.gif


tight lines




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