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Paul D

Club Comp Booking In

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Editied - 2017:


To fish the comps all you have to do is register before the day with any Committee Member - or via a thread on the forum from Fish Recorder \ Committee Member will accept registration this way as well.

You can also register on the day by calling Committee Member up on Channel 6.

If a boat is not registered for each comp then their catches will not count.

Weighing of fish is done on trust ( apart from the Flounder Comp - Dec).

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Having caught my monster Bream - what happens next?


Do we then meet up after the event and I show you mine if you show me yours and the winner gets the trophy - or do we just post something on the website stating what was caught by whom.


I would assume the winning fish need to be verified in some manner.






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Hi Neal


All club comps are fished on trust. If you say you caught it then you did. There isn't any money involved just points and gongs so if anyone cheats they are only fooling themselves. You should record any reasonable fish even when freelancing as you may qualify for the fish of the month,


When you have caught your fish you do need to record them with the fish recorder. You can do this either via the catch report page in the forum or by phone or at the following club meeting. These are the only sure fire way of your fish being recorded. Whatever happens fish must be recorded by the following meeting or they are not allowed



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