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Alderney 2022

Steve S

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Yes folks, it's time to discuss going to Alderney again.


Looking for small tides the best dates are between Friday the 6th May and Tuesday 10th May, unfortunately the early May bank holiday is smack in the springs..  The next lot of neaps are around 2 weeks later but they are not very small at all so very much a backup.


Last year we went in July, the flattie fishing was 'ok', best fish was a Brill of 8-6, there was at least 1 low double Turbot from Reel Magic (I think). Earlier in the season we have found the fishing to be better, but it's not all about the fishing by any means! We caught quite well on a wreck on the return trip with at least 1 cod and some pollock around double figures plus some smaller ones.


Tigerfish is up for going, Alun is keen.

Anyone else?

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I would be interested in taking Alfresco over again, but the boys are busy so I am looking for crew
If anyone fancies it please get in touch soon.

PM sent Charlie!

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On 2/22/2022 at 1:56 PM, great white said:

Tigerfish: Alun, Graham, Steve

Reel Magic. Dave, Mark, Craig

Alfresco. Charlie Neil and Andy maybe Ian.


Many thanks Charlie. Looking forward to it. 👍

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1 hour ago, Maverick said:

If Dean and I go we will be total wrecks in the wrong plaice drinking pints of Bass (that'll bring back memories) eating cod and chips thinking this is a load of Pollocks :smile:

Your humour has definitely gone to the Dogs.

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Hi guys


It looks like I have lost my crew for this one due to unforeseen issues.


To be honest with the engine out of my boat and still being covid positive that may take some pressure off.

I have phoned a friend and will now crew with Dave again instead.


I will need to call Mel at the accommodation, but before reducing the numbers we have booked does anyone  want to take any available spaces?


Reply , or PM me ASAP please 

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At the moment it is far from certain if Tigerfish will be ready in time, I'd give it 50/50, waiting on the prop shafts to be ceramic coated and refitted. If it is not ready that will 3 of us unable to go. Personally speaking I'd be happy to be crew on another boat if there was room.

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Hi all


I have checked with the accommodation


They have our booking, which now is one twin bed room more than is required, they also have Alun's booking for a twin double room.


The extra room can be cancelled but that does not need to be done yet, if anyone else was thinking of going, please let me know.

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