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Trip Saturday ??

great white

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We'll be at the Secret Whiting mark Graham.

Follow the signs saying "ye olde secret Whiting mark" as you pass the chain ferry. ;)


In other words.   I don't have the foggiest but Charlie may have a plan.     I'm hoping it involves plenty of Tea & Coffee.  ;)



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Up early and off to Parkstone Marina by just after 7 ish.

Stuie was already unloading his car when I got there. 🙂

½ a marathon to the end of "F" pontoon. ( Not a chocolate bar though).

Kettle was already hot so a quick cuppa was needed.

Set off through the harbour on silky smooth water. Past the chain ferry then headed  for the "secret Whiting mark"  with expectations quite high.

Charlie got his hands on a "big buxom blonde" very quickly followed by Stuie getting a slightly undersized Whiting so we dared to think it was going to be a good day's fishing.

Dave came and joined us about 100 yards away on Reel Magic and we were getting plenty of Doggies.

We think that Graham arrived as well? but not sure as he was a little further away.

Stuie got HIS  hands on a "big buxom blonde" as well but she was 1 bra size down from Charlies ! :D

We had Bacon Baps supplied by the skipper for lunch. ;) (Thanks Charlie)

Not an eventful day's fishing but a great day out on flat sea in a great boat, great Skipper & good company.

I think we had:    Whiting (Charlie had 2 goalies),   Dogs, Dogs, Dogs,  Blondes, Congers, very small Smoothies & more Doggies.

But I loved it.   So good to get out again.

Thank you Charlie & Stuie.





And thanks for the invite for next week's Cod / Whiting comp too Charlie.  Looking forward to it.



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Good to read Jim and Stuie, what do you mean Stuie the bacon butties were an unexpected treat, surely you realize Charlie is an excellent skipper and while planning the cod whiting trip he will have added the butties on to his list, that was the only bit he was going to guarantee 😂. Sounds like three boys on a boat, and a good day out well done Charlie👍.                                                                              Colin. 

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As a complete aside, watching the BBC offering about the fishing industry in Cornwall, one of the skippers was targeting blonde rays, I for one hadn't realised they were such a sought after commercial fish.



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