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Monday outing


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At last a window of opportunity, I had been going stir crazy. Stuie volunteered for crew and was pontoon-side ready for action at our 08.00 start time, regrettably Min-y-Mor had not been launched so Stuie issued a reminder whilst I attended to more basic needs after a long'ish early morning drive. Everything was forgiven though due to the sun shining, the sea being calm and a good day in prospect.


First stop a mackerel call, well that was easy, nothing there. Second stop a tiny reef to pick up some small pollack, bingo! Off for a bit of bassing and Stuie was keen to catch one. It was not the most exciting session with the bass being markedly uncooperative, even Alun on Gastronaught  was struggling. However, Stuie managed to get a couple, one a keeper, which seemed to please him so, job done. In the meantime Alun had gone in search of mackerel and lo, he found some. Off we went, of course, and caught as many large mackerel as we needed in very short order, thank you for sharing Al.


So, two boxes ticked now for the plaice. I can only say, this was less than sparkling with only small fish coming to our worm offerings, by the way, good worms supplied by Stuie. His technique proved superior to mine with a variety of fish coming to his offerings, plaice, dabs, gurnard and a baby smoothy.


We tried a couple of other spots on the way back to Poole but, I have to say, my heart wasn't really in it by this stage so we called it a day and back to the marina for 6'ish. What a fabulous day to be on the water, not a red letter day for fish caught but it has really perked me up. Looking forward to the next one.



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Glad you had a good dayTerry and Stuie, glad you are pleased with the new boat and all went well, and didn't need my " secret" plaice Mark then, thanks for ringing Sunday I really enjoyed our chat and I must get to thinking about a smoker, it would be nice to do a couple of pollock, a second rate fish in a lot of people's book but you made it sound delightful, I could nearly taste it on the phone!                                          Colin. 

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