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Trailer for sale or rent

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7 hours ago, Colin-58 said:

Hi Raymond, possibly, what do you need to do? Give me a bell,          07730_249907   thanks. Colin. 

Hi Colin. I need to pull the boat out the water to de foliate. I have just bought a run down Teal engine is fine boat is water tight but scruffy so loads of work to do. Keep me busy at weekends ? there is so much to do .this week i will fit new temporary cover and a new bilge pump. Start the interior cleaning .Its on a swing mooring by the RNLI in Poole. .



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10 hours ago, Raymond Ellerton said:

Hi Graham not sorted yet .Need to paint the bottom

How long would you need it? I replied to you in August as I knew I would be needing it myself a couple of months later. Mine is down at Ridge Wharfe, trailer is good but the brakes have been removed (so obviously unlikely to be legal to tow your boat on the road). But as I say, Ill be using it myself towards the end of this month so probably no good to you any more. 

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