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Saturday 17th. July.

Leicester Fisheagle

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Well that was a failure, in as much as fishing!

Popped out at 9, car park at Mudeford half full already.

Saw Steve on Tigerfish (he was in shock hearing "JoJo" on the radio to Mick), had a chat, went off to looks for macs. Nothing, until 40 mind before coming back in. 1 large Mac and 4 pollack (2 big and 2 large Mac size), not good livebait. Gave them a go anyway on a few drifts, last drift, the mackerel is grabbed, gave it time, nothing. I assume its eyes were bigger than its belly!

Anyway, nice morning out with eldest daughter, sun shone and it was lovely out there. Usual carnage at ramp on return, very nice of the lad on the gate to offer to help with trailer etc, but I was ok, done this many a time. Nice easy retrieve away from the slip, not sure when others will learn the slip is not the place to leave, deposit, inflate, deflate your craft.

Anyway, home for 1 and a single Mac for the BBQ later.

Lovely to be out,


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Aye Rob it was great to be out, long time no meet! Yes when I heard Jojo of the radio, I was like, could it be Rob, nah. Roll on the club meeting.


The plaice fishing was a bit slow for me, got 10 and some small black bream, some would be keepers I guess if the stocks at home were low. The offshore wind really affected the presentation.


A bonus 4 macks on the lazy line, rather to big for livebait but gave it a go, zippo, not a surprise. Finished with a few wrasse. We ate the macks.


Diane was going to go but bailed when I got up a 7:30, she missed out, it was sooo nice out there.

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We had plans to fish Sat and Sunday after a sleep onboard.


When we realised Sam and Family were out and heading for Chapmans Pool, it would be rude not to take both Chapman boats over.


Tied up together in the sunshine, we had lots of fun and even swam ashore.


After they left we moved out a bit for a fish by the charter boats, then popped back in just before Ben arrived and tied alongside for a chat and a beer.


Sunday morning was so lovely , Wendy stayed in bed and I moved out onto the reef, 8 Undulates and several small congers before 0900. After breakfast had a few more but at a slower pace


The fishing continued to slow down through the day but we did find tope to over 30lb and larger congers


Came in early at 1600 as we were getting a bit overheated.


Great weather for boating and the fishing that we did was good



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