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Hi all,

Before I go down the route of searching the internet . . . . . 

I'm thinking of importing something from China.

I can get it delivered to Southampton Docks but then I need it delivered to my house.

It will be a crate 1,600mm X 1,300mm x 1,700mm high and weighing 400kg.

I'm not after a freebie but wondered if anyone knew someone with experience of this who could do the job at a fair price without ripping me off!

Anyone know anybody please? ? ?




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Hi Jim.

If you can find a trailer I will do it for you alot cheaper than a haulage company.

I am in Southampton couple of time a week and can easily tow that in my car


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Hi Jim. I would think pallet line will be much your best bet, give them a ring and discuss it, I think they will drop it on you drive if that's got reasonable acses, if crate can be broken and it has wheels you may be OK, or consider putting it on 6 round tubes, you need some brawn or a fork lift then to sort it. Hope this helps, good luck Jim👍

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Thanks all I really appreciate the feedback.

Thinking of buying a bigger CNC router.

Very expensive over here. Still expensive but less so if I go direct.

Still researching which brand / company to buy from.

No wheels and about 350kg once out of the packaging.

I have a trailer but a bit small.

Needs to be something that can lift it onto my drive. I have a trolley that I'm hoping will take the weight to move it to my garage.

Still looking at options and this is one of them.




This sort of thing.



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Thank you all very much for your help I really do appreciate it. 🙂

Thinking more & more about shifting it I'm now looking at a less bulky machine.

I need to check the actual size and weight but with Brian's hoist and my trailer I may just about be able to shift it myself ( with help of course)

It is the same machining size but a desktop version.

I'm hoping it will squeeze into my trailer.  🙂

More like this:



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Thanks Neil,

I have a Tow hitch and trailer.

I'll check sizes tomorrow but I think it will fit in the trailer. ( It's not a Halfords cheapo job)

Still a long way off ordering and getting it here.

I mentioned it to the accounts dept ( Jackie)

I'm still alive so that's good but I've not had the magic nod yet.

Steve says it's better to beg for forgiveness than permission but I'm not convinced.  🤪

And I have a healthy selection of ex wives who would agree. :D


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I think my best bet would be to hire a van with a tail lift.

They can lift it on and I'll unpack & lift off at home.

Sorted!   :)


Still looking a prices, specs & extras.

Then there's VAT & import duty etc.  etc. 


Boys & their toys eh ! ! ! ! :):D



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well this is a co-incidence, i was just dropping in to see if any of the retired members, with towbar!, would fancy a small job of collecting my boat trailer from Dolphin trailers in poole and dropping it back at rockley for me?


I can drop it there, but he isnt willing to keep it until the following weekend for me to collect.


Havent booked anything yet, so i am flexible about date.


And i would insist on paying somebody for doing it for me. Cost me £50 to get a pro to do it, so i would be happy to pay the same rate. 

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27 minutes ago, Happyhooker said:


I live 5 mins from them give me a call or pm me 07983556047


certainly Frank, many thanks. will do.


I am probably coming down this weekend and will try to swap to the dry stack then. will drop you a line.


Can do it either way, either asking you do do the drop off or pick up. 



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