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Happy Birthday Jerry


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Happy Birthday Jerry🎂

Enjoy the day 🍻 🍷


I reckon someone should book you on a speedboat ride this weekend for a treat ....cos you probably wont  be fishing off Poole or Swanage this weekend.  


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It's strange you should mention that, I haven't smoked since 1987 but have smoked a couple of really good cigars. Whilst in Cuba in 2011, I acquired a couple of cigars from Fidel Castro's humidor in Havana with the intention of smoking them on our 40th wedding anniversary later in the year. However, I ended up celebrating that with an extended stay in hospital so you have reminded me that they are still in their tubes in the drawer. This year is our 50th Anniversary so, time for them to come out and be conditioned with cabbage leaves in a box ready for the day.


Thank you for the reminder.



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I've not smoked since June 2000

I was on 100 fags a day and always skint.

I gained a lot of weight and a few pounds on my wallet so the fear of getting hooked again keeps me well away from any kind of smoking.

I hope you both enjoy / enjoyed your smoke!   :);)


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I haven't smoke since 1986, when my daughters came home from school and lectured me.
I did try one about 2 years later, 2 puffs and I was as sick as a dog.

As Jim says, I put on some weight, I used to be very thin.

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