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10 hours ago, dicky said:

£1500 a year to keep on a trailer? really? That's ridiculous. Do you get free use of a launching tractor for that?


yes, you are supposed to pay for launching, but they never charge me! Plus you get free parking.


Davies is a similar price, but they are really tight and no parking.


Cobbs is twice that amount

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definately, but i dont want to be on a swing mooring. 


I really loath the distance to get out from rockly to the bay, but you do get a lot of flexibility from them. 


If i want to swap to go on the racks to take my trailer for a service, all i have to do is ask and they do it. 


If i need to drive in and park up the car next to my boat so i dont have to carry everything, there is plenty of room to do it.


and they dont charge extra to keep your trailer there.


and if the kids dont want to come out on the boat, they can play on the beach at rockly or go into the haven holiday park facilities.

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