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Trailer snubber set up

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Hi everyone,


Sorry being a bit of a pain at the moment as i am trying to get everything right.


Has anyone seen any good resources on setting up the bow snubber on trailers? 


I have an indespension trailer with a hinged snubber post with two snubbers. Doesnt sit very well on my boat and caused damage, i was wondering if i have it set correctly (from when i bought it).


My boat has a 'chine' between the upper and lower hull, but the current setup has the top and bottom rollers touching different parts of the hull. I wonder if this is wrong.



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what i found that metal bar that links the two rollers together can rub on the hull because of the change of angle in the hull at the front chine.  I am thinking that i should try to raise the whole mechanism a bit higher?


whereas your hull doesnt seem to have the drastic change in angle that mine does

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Seems to be 2 trailers - one with black rollers and another with blue buffers.

Which is it?

As mentioned you should be able to adjust up.or down to work out what suits - to a certain degree as the eye on the bow will dictate how much.


sorry yes, old setup was the black rollers. but i replaced them last weekend after they didnt prevent the metal bar between them rubbing on the hull in transit. 


having the boat 100 miles away makes it hard to plan these things! have to work from photos and memory.


My 'common sense' approach would be to raise the whole winch post slightly so both of the snubbers are touching the hull on points where it has the same angle. but i wanted to make sure i wasnt doing something incredibly stupid. 


I have searched the internet, but havent been able to find any guidance on this.

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