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Was minding my own business on Saturday, Busy painting Hall, Stairs, Landing, Lounge.

The aim was work til 1:00 ish  then same thing on Sunday.

Had a text from Martin to see if I was up for a trip? ( silly question) !

So we carried on all day with decorating.

We were both as stiff as planks by tea time. :huh:

Up early Sunday and left in time for the 08:30 bridge.

Headed out on a fresh but beautiful morning.

Went over just past the piers to try for a few.

Martin was soon into a fish and our expectations were raised!

A small Gurnard brought onboard.

Then a few very small plaice.

We were being blown offshore and moved along the coast as we came back in for another drift.

Same thing again on the plaice.  Very small.

We tried all the way back to Poole with the same results . . . . .  very small.

I had one of a better size but not quite a keeper.

Later in the day Martin Did have a keeper and gave it to me.

It was a bitterly cold breeze out there and only the one keeper but it was just SO GOOD to be out again.

We came back in the Harbour and tied up in front of Brownsea Castle and it was like a different day!

Calm water, Sunshine and no wind.  Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvly.

No fish there though :lol:  Just a lovely cuppa.

As always Martin, I thank you for the invite.

I had a really great day. The lack of fish doesn't matter ( I'm used to that anyway )   It was just great to be out again.




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