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Well, as a few Members already know, Mike Hall and Myself will be continuing the work of Dave Lyne's Reel Service under a new name, M.A.R.S. Mike and Allan's Reel Services.
Due to the current Covid situation, the service will operate mainly at a local level. There will initially be drop off and collection points in Poole, Ashley Road/Sea View Area and Moordown.
Please feel free to contact us on 07587411313 or email M.A.ReelServices@gmail.com further more detailled information will soon be available in the Member's Trade Zone.

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No problem over postage for Club Members. If you email Mike, he will arrange an address for you to send them to. It would help to know what reels they are and any known problems before hand. Spare parts for a number of reels, especially those made in the States by Penn and others, are not being posted across from there. We carry a good range of service parts for the more popular reels.


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1 hour ago, Leicester Fisheagle said:

Many tthanks Newboy. I will give you a ring or pm. later today or Monday evening as I am not really supposed to use the Forum to arrange business.


Allan,  Post your business details in the Fishy Business section, no restrictions here + all visitors to our site can see items posted there

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