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Hi All,


Now that I have retired and have all this time on my hands I have a few jobs to get on with.


My new Suzuki DF150AP PTT unit was covered in barnacles and as you can see is not treated in any way.


I removed the anode prior to its replacement . 


Obviously worked due to the amount it was eaten away.


The PTT unit has no corrosion at all.


I think it's impossible to remove the PTT unit without removing the engine supports.


Not something I'm going to tackle.


Do you think I should treat this with Trilux 33 or a similar anti-fouling.

in order to stop the barnacles?


The water line is between the green line and the cylinder end caps and so permanently under water when at rest.


Any recommendations would be appreciated


Mikey BIMG_2215.jpg.42ef74d298c3b66086c146ff6f9286fc.jpgIMG_2215.jpg.42ef74d298c3b66086c146ff6f9286fc.jpg




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The PTT unit onb my DF70 can be removed with the engine insitu.

It was a case of:

1. Fully tilt the engine

2. Support the engine with the tilt rests

3. Remove the bolts that go through the bottom from the sides

4. Remove the pin that goes through the top of the ram.

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Hi Mike,


I was advised not to antifoul my legs, first season I had a lot of growth, they cleaned up fairly well with careful power washing, however it used to really annoy me so I decided to use Trilux 33 second season.

It did a really good job and certainly must have helped with fuel consumption.



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Hi All,


Thanks for the feed back.


I going to try and remove the PTT assembly prior to treating with Trilux 33.


It would be much better than truing to paint it in position.


The Suzuki manual states you have to remove the R/H engine support.


If that proves to be so I will struggle as I do not have a hoist to support the engine.


I'll update you later


Mikey B

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