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Cobbs quay annual subscriptions

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Just a heads up in case you have not yet received your notice of renewal for annual berthing fees.


Mine has always arrived by post before so when I hadn't seen it by the end of Jan I enquired via email.

Frank (the GM) responded very quickly that MDL had decided this year to send them all via email without warning us and in my case they were using an obsolete email address.

He sent it by post and it arrived the next day but I wonder what would have happened if months had gone by. 


So, check the contact details they are holding on your account.

Cheers all 

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Also, did you still get your early settlers discount? I had an email from them this week reminding me that I hadn't settled and that the cut off date was approaching, this despite the fact that I had paid on the 8th January and sent the contract in the day after. All sorted with a phone call.



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