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What have I gone and done ??

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1 hour ago, Hooky said:

Yes Jimbo, I have been trip planning, all those marks have been ‘pinned’ , summer wrecking for unicorns, endless YouTube sessions on slow jigging, underwater footage etc.



I often think and ask myself do others torture themselves in the same way?.. all for the sake of a few fish 🤔


Yes we do mate

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5 hours ago, great white said:

Yes we do mate

Thanks Charlie, I really thought I had something mentally wrong, fishing OCD ?? I do know trying to stay focused on a dream keeps me going.


In fact I’m going to admit tying over 50 special rigs, arranging lures, etc , that’s today 😬

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No problem Hooky


I am sure we are not the only ones that have wasted hours trawling through fishing and diving sites looking for that big wreck stocked to the hilt with giant fish.


in reality even wreck fishing is not a guarantee, but when you hit a good one on the right day, the effort seems well worth it.


and on a bad day when your chosen wreck is busy or not fishing, being able to zoom out and find a few more that you took the trouble to put into the plotter makes that effort well worth it to.


have fun running her in.

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  • 2 weeks later...

All done 😃ok 

So she’s all ready for a water test, they will get it ‘propped’ and set up

New rigging throughout, new fuel lines, tank etc.

Engine brace bracket, big gearbox, and a very large bill 😳

Thanks to Keith, a superb job done, it’s all the little things that impressed me, wrapped cables, every hole sealed cable ties evenly spaced.




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Of course I could not resist a little play for a hour

Things noted, very,very quiet, no vibrations.

Running in is 2 hours upto 4500 rpm then 8 hours variations on the rpm.


When you give it some juice it goes onto the plain in seconds 🤗, this decision on the CT gearbox was a huge success, she purrs along at 12knts doing 2600rpm so the fuel consumption should be pretty good 

Of course I’m not bothering about top speed but been informed will be above 30knts.

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