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A tale of friendship that defeats evil

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We have been living in troubled times full of uncertainty and sad news across the UK and the world in general. Family and friends seperated by restrictions and normality gone out the window.


I received a PM on Friday from a dear friend who asked if I would like to attend a fishing sorte, socially distanced, out to the Dolphin Banks to target Channel Whiting. My heart leapt with joy, firstly to be afloat, but mostly to see a man that I have not seen for over seven months, bountiful glee eminated from every pore.


I barely slept the night before, so high was my anticipation, a short dog walk, bacon sandwhich, cup of tea and a welcome emptying of the bowels saw me prepared to meet on the boat at 07:30. No hugging or kissing at our long awaited reunion, damn that Coivid, but the man love was evident to the mullet and guppies below the pontoons.


We motored out to the Banks and I foolishly mentioned to my Captain that I had only caught 3 dogfish throughout the previous 10 or so trips out this year, what a silly goose I proved to be.  Charlie caught a steady string of Conger, I landed a more productive supply of LSD. A small Bass, Gurnard, Small Eyed Ray and 2 Whiting to Charlie and a large Blonde which I released 15 yards from the boat, to me. Chilli cod stew then move to another location.


More LSD and another Whiting, move again, Oh the joy of being afloat.


Final stop near the cruise ships and we hit lots of small eyes, gurnard and some larger mackerel. I tried to stow 2 mackerel to take home but the skipper ordered me to use 1 as bait (the children have suffered mild mal-nutrition during this pandemeic and will have to graze on the village green once more).


Radio chatter with Ben, Mal and Jerry aboard their boats, on our mini cruise made the day even better and my cup was overflowing with joy. Thank you Charlie once again and tight lines to one and all.


PS. Cerrie has instucted me to inform you that I have only had 1 beer, she really doesn't understand the full joy of mateship and being out with a discharged seaman (ex RN)

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What a great post Ian


Another skill that I did not know that retired Army personnel [PONGOS} were capable of. Credit to all of those educational hours in the various rugby club libraries.


It was my pleasure to have you back on Alfresco again, the food was great, your company and stories very welcome and keeping the LSD away from my baits priceless.


I hope that we can fish again on the competition weekend, Covid 19 and Weather permitting.



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