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9th Birthday Treat

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We asked Blake what he wanted to do as a treat for his 9th Birthday, he wanted to take his friend Harvey out fishing for the day. So today was the day. 
Popped into Co-op for supplies for them, then Andy for bait and on the boat for a late start of ten o’clock.

Safety talk and a few rules for the day before we left and a nice steady motor through the harbour, first time on a boat for Harvey so expecting anything may happen. 



Not the best of weather but at least it was dry.



Looking good so off to the Swash for a drift.




New crew taking over. 

Not a touch after a few drifts and had enough of the continuous wash off passing boats so decided a change of area. Off to the Beach.



First drift and Blakes rod bends over, thinking it’s hung in until I felt it take more line than the drift speed, the guys got this little beauty to the boat. Biggest fish Harvey had ever seen so he was really impressed. His tea sorted out. 



A few drifts with wrasse and pout, no flatties and as the wind steadily increased we called it a day around 3pm.

A couple a worn out happy lads after their beef burger lunch at sea. 
Harvey handled the rock and rolling all day and got his sea legs no problem. They are hatching a plan for their next trip. 😀
A great treat for a cod to show up and a lovely bonus for them. 





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Happy 9th Birthday Blake


Love the picture of the seasoned angler with his hands in his pockets while standing by his new to fishing buddy Harvey.


Well done Chris, those sort of trips are not easy for the responsible adult, but the looks on the boys faces give you all the thanks that you need.



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Cheers Charlie, in the end I took them out myself as no responsible adults wanted to come out!! 😀

A great day for them and Harvey stayed over and they were still chatting about it until they fell asleep so ticked the box. 👍

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