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Press Release


Tuesday, 22nd September, 2020


Angling remains a permitted activity -

Follow the guidelines and stay safe

Following the Government's announcement at 12.30pm today, the Angling Trust is pleased that the government has not sought to place further restrictions on healthy outdoor activities such as angling.


Through our ‘When We Fish Again’ campaign earlier in the year we demonstrated to ministers that by following sensible COVID-19 guidelines anglers could enjoy their sport in a safe and responsible manner.


We have been delighted with the response from angling clubs, fisheries and the wider angling community and it’s important that nothing is done that would damage our reputation for acting sensibly and in the wider public interest.


Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust added:


“We are still fishing and there’s no reason why that won’t continue as long as anglers remember to follow the Angling Trust COVID-19 guidance and remember to be careful and protect each other and our sport. By working effectively and responsibly the Angling Trust has ensured that angling is seen as part of the solution and not the problem - let's keep it that way. “


The latest Angling Trust COVID-19 guidance for all anglers from every discipline can be found at the Angling Support Hub section of our website here.  The latest COVID-19 information from the Fishing In Wales website can be found here.  



David Brookes, Communications Manager
david.brookes@anglingtrust.net   |    07496 876996






The Angling Trust are a representative body for all anglers in England and Wales. Our members support the campaigns we carry out to protect fish and fishing and our programmes to increase participation. We are recognised by Sport England as the national governing body in England and promote active lifestyles and maintaining a regular angling habit. We are united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries and other categories. Please find out more.

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