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Jacqui's Sister & Brother in law have Kayaks and have been nagging at us to try them.

Well Jacqui's been off work this week and I'm still furloughed until Tomorrow :(  so we had a try. . . . . . . . Six days on the trot.

We've really enjoyed it.

We also went to Rockley Hobie shop for a look at the Pedal Kayaks. We spoke to a guy named Steve who let us take one each out for 10 minutes.  I love the pedal option. . . . . . but not the price.

Ordered a roof rack for my car as the in-laws have said don't buy anything yet just borrow theirs til we've decided :)

Time will tell how much we enjoy it and I guess I'll be annoying Lofty for advice & tips .. . .. . . . . but not today as it's his Birthday. 😜

I'm off to Steve's ( My Son's ) today,  Plumbing and chopping in electrics then back to work (from home) tomorrow :(



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I’ll give you the same advice as anyone interested.,Don’t buy cheap new, buy decent second hand. Think about what you want it for. Think about the weight of them for getting on to your roof rack, don’t get an inflatable, if using at sea minimum of 13 feet, etc. Remember the cost of the safety gear will probably cost as much as the kayak.
Steve at Hobie also do hire sessions so if you just fancy a jolly out that’s a cost effective way of getting afloat.
Below is a good example of a decent used kayak6748d83059bfb0f70e3897e4e31bbb92.jpg

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Thanks Steve, I wasn't going to pester you on your Birthday.

Jacqui went out again this morning so that's 7 days on the trot for her! ;)


Over the coming days,  weeks,  months I'll probably pester you with questions.

You're our Kayak Guru so I guess it's the price of fame. :smileys-fish-746921:

I believe you've gone over to pedal power now?  And I was very impressed with them too.

Enjoy your Birthday.


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