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Write to your MP and help halt ban in marine protection areas


The Angling Trust has launched a campaign in response to the June 2020 Benyon Review on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs). We are asking anglers to write to their MP in support of our campaign, and to send the clear message that as anglers it is vital we are central to any future consideration on which sites will become HPMAs.
While welcoming the establishment of HPMAs as one of a number of effective ways we can protect and manage our seas and fish stocks, we strongly object to the Panel’s recommendation for recreational angling to be banned within all HPMAs automatically.

How you can help -  see our Campaign


Defra backs down over 'illogical' charter boat ban


The government have withdrawn guidance issued on June 11th which specifically prohibited skippered charter boats in England from operating under the COVID-19 regulations. The decision became effective from July 4th. It follows a campaign by the Angling Trust and the Professional Boatman’s Association, which attracted support from diving groups, challenging the "illogical and absurd" Defra guidance which ran contrary to that issued earlier on behalf of the government which allows up to six people from different households to meet outside.

More information on our Support Hub

£5,000 grants available to 'kick-start' tourism businesses

New funding has been announced to help small tourism businesses reopen following the easing of restrictions across the UK. Businesses in tourist destinations - which could include tackle shops in seaside towns - will be able to access support of up to £5,000 to help them adapt their businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds can be used to pay for specialist advice such as help with human resources, legal or financial expertise or to adopt new technology and systems, and is part of the Government’s £10 million package to ‘kick-start’ the tourism industry.  Find out more


Bluefin tuna 'endangered' status removed by MMO


Despite all the evidence of a substantial recovery in stocks over the last ten years, many organisations continue to promote the outdated 2011 International Union for Conservation of Nature 'endangered' status for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. The Angling Trust, in association with Bluefin Tuna UK, are pleased to report that the Marine Management Organisation have withdrawn their misleading, outdated reference to Bluefin tuna from their website and replaced it with a more accurate, up to date reflection of the situation. Read more

Fish Legal call on Secretary of State to 'reject Sussex netting byelaw'


Fish Legal has asked for the Secretary of State to reject a new netting byelaw drafted by the Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Coastal Authority because it does not protect sea trout, is unenforceable and has been brought in without proper consultation. The controversial new “Netting Permit Byelaw and Flexible Conditions” is intended to control fixed nets in sensitive nearshore coastal waters and was approved by the Sussex IFCA committee in January 2020. Full story


Fishing's newcomers urged to protect wildlife from angling litter

New anglers who have taken up the sport since lockdown are being reminded about the dangers to wildlife from angling litter. With more people out on the bank or beach, the Angling Trust and the RSPCA are reminding anglers to discard of litter responsibly to protect wildlife from harm and keep the outdoors clean and safe for all to enjoy. Read more


Mullet Masterclass this Saturday

The Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region and the National Mullet Club have organised a Mullet Masterclass Day to show anglers how to target grey mullet in Sussex. It will be held at the north bank inside Shoreham Harbour situated on the A259 coast road roughly 300 metres east of the Schooner Inn, 146 Albion St, Southwick, this Saturday, 18th July, starting at 9am. Places are limited to 25 anglers. For more information and to register email Reg Phillips at reg.anglingtrustsmr@gmail.com


Fish of the month: Smooth hound


The start of summer sees smooth hound fishing really take off around much of the UK coastline. Once limited to the south of the UK the distribution of this small but powerful shark species has increased over recent decades. The smooth hound and starry smooth hound, a separate species with white spots, have incredible stamina. Crab and squid baits work best from both shore and boat. Hounds hunt in packs and once located the fishing can be fast and furious with powerful runs stripping line from your reel. As with all shark species, most anglers return this highly prized sporting fish to fight another day.


News, views, tips, videos and more!


We've created a new website called Fishing Buzz. packed with news, views, tips, videos, advice and more! It will help keep you entertained when you're not fishing. Visit Fishing Buzz now!


Species Hunt now open for entries!


The new round of Species Hunt is now open for entries. To enter please email specieshunt@anglingtrust.net with the following:

Full Name
Date of birth or Age
Postal address
Please state if you are a new member and require a Tronixpro tape measure.




The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more.

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