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A day out on Serenity

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A day out on Serenity,

Sat 11th July 2020

I was lucky enough to get a trip on Serenity.

Nice lazy start. Meet at 9:00 am at Cobb's

I got there at 8:45 and waited for Tony.

Got a call at 9 asking where I was? ? ? :D
Tony was already on the boat and raring to go.

Low tide so no need for bridge lift so off we went.

Followed through Holes Bay by Fisheagle. I think they were going for some more species to add to the tally.

Tony & myself were out for a " Jolly " and maybe a few for his species tally too.

Started at the "Secret Ray mark" which already had some boats on it. Happy Hooker being one of them.

Tony had a Small eyed and some Mackerel.

I had a Red Gurnard of 1lb 14oz which Tony tells me is a good one.  I explained how it was all down to the skill of the angler. 
Tony followed with a Blonde. Can't remember the weight ? ? ?

Then a Small eyed.  . . . weight? ?

Holy Mackerel put a call out on the radio which had me completely fooled about Triggers being caught between the piers.

What I didn't know was it was Jan and I could see him on Happy Hooker. 
Fisheagle came over for a while before going off in search of more species.

We decided to head over towards the Patch / Piers area but the wind had moved around to SW and much stronger than forecast so although we COULD have fished it we decided to head back into the lea of the wind.

Tried a few marks along the way without success and ended up near where we started.

I had a Small Eyed 7lbs ish I think and Tony had a small Starry Smoothie.

We called it a day after I'd caught a few more Mackerel to take home.

Followed Ci-Ci in through Holes Bay.

Nipped in the club house for a socially distanced "swift half" 

Lovely day out.

Thank you Tony 


Happy Hooker & Fisheagle.jpg

Tony's Starry Smoothie.jpg


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Charlie :    It is now ! :)


Mick:   Just Me I think. :)




Jacqui & Myself were out Today as well. Lovely day. We went over Swanage bay for the shelter from the breeze but she got soaked by the spray on the way back. I explained that if we had a Barracuda she wouldn't be getting wet. 

I can't put on here what she said but I think she was saying NO!  :)

Jacqui took the helm out as far as Old Harry on the way out then brought us back through the Harbour. The odd wave came over the cuddy so I went inside to keep the nose down for her :)




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