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Upgrading from Warrior 165

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Hi fellas


I’ve been quiet on here for years and my Warrior 165 has had precious little use recently because whilst it suits my solo fishing trip needs superbly around Christchurch I would like something bigger to take trips of mates and family in safety and comfort (say five adults on board). So I’m looking to upgrade next season and want to start looking now. Not fixed on budget yet (but I realise it’s going to be a substantial investment) and I’m keen to understand how much I’m likely to need to spend to meet my needs.


Here is a list of my requirements :-


1. It will primarily be a fishing boat;

2. I want a self draining deck (this is an absolute must) to make cleanups easier;

3. Most of my fishing is bassing so a purpose built live well would be nice rather than the old faithful blue drum;

4. Needs a space (on bow?) for sunbathing;

5. Capable of good weather offshore trips to Channel Islands etc. I would only ever do this in summer months

6. Fast enough to pull donuts and skiers;

7. Reasonably fuel efficient;

8. I’m not fussed about sleeping accommodation and galley etc - if we go far afield we will stay in b&b and eat ashore

9. I quite like the idea of a walk around centre console style - thoughts on this welcome - is that realistic for summer offshore trips?

10. I Will be looking at second hand models but don’t want anything older than say 2010 unless it’s in really good nick.


Any thoughts very gratefully received. V open minded and open to all sorts of ideas.


With the wealth of knowledge on here I’m sure you guys can point me in a few directions to consider. I realise views will differ and no one size fits all. So all options will be considered.


Thanks and best regards





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You have a few items on your wish list that seem contradictory, and might need prioritising.


For example, if fuel economy is a priority, then diesel springs to mind, but if you have diesel, you might not have the speed and acceleration you want for water skiing, but will be fine for towing donuts, and gives peace of mind offshore.


If you have diesel, you can't readily change to a more powerful engine as you can with outboard. If you have an outboard, you'll need petrol which might prove trickier to source in some locations.


Sun-bathing space implies some compromise towards a "family boat" instead of purely angling, and they typically come with creature comforts such as sleeping accommodation, a galley, and a toilet, which constrains angling space in a smaller hull, and if you go larger, fuel economy suffers.


Offshore capability to the Channel Islands implies RCD category B, which you won't find in vessels smaller than 23-24 feet, which implies higher berthing and fuel costs, and you can forget towing.


For a walkaround hull for angling with some leisure and offshore capabilities, the Jeanneau Cap Camaret range might suit some of your needs, but they don't have livebait wells, and can be exposed offshore.


For serious trips offshore when the weather can break down, a decent protected cabin is worth its weight in Fiish Black Minnows. The Bayliner Trophy models will give you this.


Fixed livebait wells can be found on the Arvor range of pilothouse boats, which has many models between about 19 and 28 feet, and are optimised more towards angling than weekending, but can be used for both.


If you decide to tilt the compromise more towards "family use with reasonable angling capability", then you will find a wider range of vessels open to you, with many club members opting for Beneteau/Jeanneau pilothouses or similar, but you will probably lose the dedicated livebait well, and walkaround capability.


Budget, as ever is key. Every time you set a budget, you'll find that for "just" an extra £5K-£10K new possible boats come into scope.


Some choices need compromise, and all compromises can be made to work, to a greater or lesser extent ;)


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Beneteau Barracuda.   7,    8,    or   9  if you're feeling wealthy.


Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin looks very similar but I would step on the barracuda and equivalent Jeanneau.

The Beneteau doesn't tip but the Jeanneau does (in my experience)

If I had some dosh that's what I'd go for but of course it's all down to your choices.

Even the Barracuda.   7 can have a live well.



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I don't have a boat yet but have been studying in depth for some time now

An Arvor 810 fits your spec, you can sunbathe on the roof, and it's shaft drive, Less to go wrong and more fishing space and a live bait well

If I had the dosh it would my first choice

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Interesting insights there lads thanks. I’ll take a look at all those options. Any other thoughts are gratefully received.

I do quite like the idea of twin outboards and fuel tanks on a barracuda for redundancy and reliability etc. I spose that does mean twice the service cost and less fuel efficiency etc but peace of mind.

I spose live bait well and fuel efficiency are areas where I might have to compromise a little.

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Toby I am in Ribs marine in Christchurch your welcome to take a look around. I have a Marlin merry fisher 695 with a single 150 yamaha.

I have most of what you want and at the cheaper end of the market. Once you move to twins you double your fuel and servicing and as mike says refuelling can then be a chore.

Ribs owners now own Rossiters and there is talk of possibly installing a petrol pump. The class rating B is for offshore, most boats are C rating but will do most things on calm seas and nursed at 12knots will do most of the rest. If your out in worse than that you have made a trip plan mistake. 

If I was upgrading for Christchurch with your wish list I would go for a  Barracuda 8 but you will need 60k. Where as 35k might buy you what I have. I would prefer a cat for Christchurch just because of the sand bar and draft issues in the Winter or beyond November.

If you study the commercials they prefer Cats in Christchurch as they sit square rather than listing if you run aground by accident.

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Good luck with your search


It is so hard to find a boat that meets requirements that I have designed and fitted out my last 2 myself. It is also why several other Members have boats built bespoke. But both take time and patience.


12 years on still very Happy with Alfresco [an offshore Pro Charter 30]. We have diesel power for efficiency and a top speed of over 30 knots, so no problem towing toys.


The boat will be a compromise so take your time choosing and get as close as possible within budget.


Like other I would suggest that if you want to take ladies and kids onboard you should not discount beds, toilet and galley


They are the things that make my boat so enjoyable to be on for long trips out and multiple day trips away. Try telling your Mrs to invest serious money then have to P in a bucket. LOL



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A Botnia Targa 27 or 31 would do you nicely, I have the 31 model with twin Volvo D4-260s, it has a great live well build in.  Wake boarding / water skiing is no problem, did some last week.


Ticks all the boxes you listed plus a couple can sleep on it pretty well, Diane and I go touring on ours. A big plus they handle rough seas very well and at speed.


They hold their price, mine is a 2006 model, 1300 or so hours, I can still get the price it was bought for new which is  approx the same price I paid for it, build quality is very good. You have to maintain them well to hold their price like any boat, but then doing offshore trips like to Alderney they should be in kept in good order anyway for safety reasons.


Botina make them to your spec within reason, some are customised for fishing from new, mine was, some for touring so a model like that would not have a live well so would need some adaption.


The downside is finding one for sale, owners tend to hold onto them and they are expensive. The exclusive dealer for the UK is Wessex Marine in Salterns, Poole. They are a very helpful bunch.




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