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WiFi expert wanted.

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Quite right Jim, it is "theoretical" speed of transfer.

3200Mbps, be lucky to have anything that can receive / transmit that sort of speed.

Like our broadband, oh, 100Mbps is the slowest (and cheapest) I can get from Virgin, they tried to say I needed more! Got to be joking!

99.9% of the time, if I am downloading something, the source (say Microsoft for updates) won't let me pull updates down faster that 50Mpbs so others stand a chance. So what is the point of 100!

Plus, there is something call contention, you share your "speed" with you neighbours. Yes you can get 100Mpbs now, but not if they all start using the internet heavily too, this is why we see slowdowns.

If you want un-contended connection, then Pay £200 a month not £20!

Contentions ratios use to be 50:1, the I think 20:1, not sure what they are now, but they will be. (20 'houses' share the theoretical 50/70/100 Mbps that your provider say you have at your fingertips).

So, a 4K (ultra HD) film from Amazon online recommends a 15Mbps connection.

Easy test for broadband speed is to use https://speedtest.net

Best to get the results from a wired device / computer or laptops. Be ok on a modern mobile with their app on 5Ghz WiFi close to your router .



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15 hours ago, Rob said:

Ah cool, same brand, no probs.

The powerline just lets you use your ring main a a wired network, sometimes these are good sometimes bad. Use directly in wall socket, not extension lead multiway block.


I also use this for the smart TV in the sitting room which is not reached by the router in my study. This is fine for things you want to plug into the system but for wifi, the discs work great, even into the garden. We obviously don't have the same structure problems you have, Lofty.



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You should be fine setting these up, I used to sell them to the trade and no one ever came back and said they could not get them to set up.

Hardest bit is getting you virgin hub into modem mode and making sure you move the main connection to the right port as once you switch it over only 1 out put works.

Might suggest you get a gigabyte network switch as if you have anything cabled you wont have enough ports to connect to with a few cat6 patch leads. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-SG108S-Ethernet-Lifetime-Warranty/dp/B07HP5TN4S/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=gigabit%2Bswitch%2Btp%2Blink&qid=1592668090&sr=8-5&th=1


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2 hours ago, Tiddler said:

Nearly bought one.

It's signed me up for Prime . . . . . . which I didn't want. :(

They can stick it now!


Cheers anyway.



Prime can be good if you play the system.

Just signed up for it and immediately go to prime home page and cancel the subscription, you still get the full 30days benefits while it will end in 30 days.

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5 minutes ago, Tiddler said:

Thanks Kam.

I'll give it some thought.

Too tired at the moment.



The range is pretty impressive.

I got WiFi to listen to radio 2 while working on the shed.

I have the M4 which is the model this replaces.


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