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Congers are the new dogs

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Had a day on the water with a mate off Southbourne

Weather was as mixed as the fishing. Looked like thunder, then sunshine, then cold and cloudy, then sunny then thick fog!

At the West of Poole bay you get the ice cream boat selling it’s wares. Today at Southbourne we had a lightning fast little boat selling “ Cake, cake.”

Good to see Tiddler on the water. Didn’t even need Jim to save an anchor for me.

The fishing was good

Lots of macs, many Joeys but a good few takers.

Small eyed ray, Thornbacks, Dabs, Bream, Gurnard, Macs, Bass, Congers. It used to be you put maccy down and the dogs would start up. Today it was Congers, and most into double figures. Made a right mess of my lively.Also more Thornies . Couldn’t find an Undulate but I notice they’re common further East?

A great Tuesday

Back to it tomorrow






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Got out at about 09:30 and headed for Southbourne.

Water quite flat so could go quite quickly. :rolleyes:

Found a few waves so dropped back to 22 MPH.

Stopped and drifted near cafe area but nothing but a couple of Mackerel.

Lofty called for any Poole bay boats.

He said they were doing OK further up so went over to join him & Dave. They were anchored so I moved away as I wanted to drift.

The wind was changing direction from ESE to S which made it hard to plan the drifts to avoid bouys and kayaks but just kept my eye on it as well as the three rods.

Plenty of fog around the cruise ships which were moored up due to corona virus but we didn't get much of it.

I was catching a steady stream of Mackerel so that was good. Had a very big take on one of the other rods but missed that one.

Mick tried to radio me but I didn't hear him. I'll try to remember to put my radio up on the rod tubes whilst fishing so I get better range. :smileys-fish-190620:

Great day to be afloat.:smileys-fish-746921:


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Went over to Soutbourne again yesterday.

Thought about the ledge for some Bass but I've forgotten everything Alun taught Me.

Stayed at Southbourne looking for Plaice & Mackerel.

Sea a little less than flat so kept the speed down to 18 - 20 ish

Mackerel straight away ( just the one ) then nothing for a while then had Mackerel in little spurts throughout the day.

Wen the water went slack Ihad a couple of Doggies followed by a small Starry Smooth hound ( about 10 - 12 inches ) ish.

As the tide picked up I had 2 little plaice which went back. Followed by 3 reasonable Plaice. Followed by this one which I weighed at 1lb 12oz 

A very good day to be out. It looks breezier for the rest of the week so don's suppose I'll be out again. Besides I'm staying out of the Sun for a couple days ! :smileys-fish-050904:

Spoke to a couple who have just bought a Pilot4 same as mine. . . . . . May get a new club member. . . . . . . .

I'll see if I can find the CAD files for my Rod Tubes he was quite impressed with them. :)


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Just a little point for folks to remember in this hot weather, any fish you catch which are not going to be dispatched should be kept off the deck of the boat, it is very hot in this weather and they will be burned. Jim, I imagine that one was destined to become dinner.



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