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After such a long lock down 2 good weather days had to taken.

Day one

5.15 start to do 9.30 bridge🙈. Bream the main target, the first day we struggled with only one small one but lots of sport including 4-5lbs smoothies on 30-50g lure rods, Undulate to 15.5lbs on the same which took some playing out, mullet,bass,LSD,Ballans, and a few cracking Plaice. Back in the 6.30 lift home 9.15.

Day Two

5.15 start for 9.30 bridge, new Bream mark which kept us very busy all day, had 60-70 guesstimate, we decided only spent females for the pot. Only 4 females caught all full of eggs, so we took 2 males each, a tricky subject, decision. Best Bream 2-6oz, also had Baillons, Mackerel, LSD, and another beautifully marked Undulate. On the way home a few worms left so a drift for an hour we caught 9 Plaice best just over 2lbs. Better wash down and back home for 9.30 and a glass of red.

Two superb days, let’s hope lockdown stays away for a very long time.


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Well done Jerry, sounds great.


With so few females around (I didn't have any on the Ledge) and full of spawn it suggests they haven't started or at least not completed spawning (some spawn more than once) so I see no problem taking males.



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It was suggested to me that they had already spawned and gone to deeper water?

Also 30-40% bigger males very black, I was told that was the ones guarding the nests, aggression being the dark colour.

It would be great to find a scientist or someone who could really answer the questions, 

it is a controversial subject every year.

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Thanks Chris, I am sure Sandie would tell us something😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣


Charlie do you mean the lady from the University? 

I think it would be a good after meeting topic as and when we can hopefully get back to normality.

As that could be a long time perhaps she could send us her thoughts on a video message and a Martin could put it on the site? 


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