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Fishing quotas

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Thanks for this Stuie


This confirms what the Guys at Brixham Fish Market explained to us that Brexit will not alter things on the fishing catches for the U.K.

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Not quite Terry, the foreign ownership sold is that of the current EU quota allocated to the UK, this quota will cease to be. If the trade talks do not give the EU fleets access to UK water then all the licences will be for the UK fleets.

The quotas that were allocated and then sold by private operators were under the previous EU quota system and so there will be a legal battle to retain these, however, the quota system will be null and void.

Unlike the picture painted by the BBC and the Guardian, those that voted for Article 50 were not all racists but people such as I that could see the unfair policies and frightening potential consequences of the Lisbon agreement that will see us lose our right to veto EU legislation.

In summary the article briefly skits over the fact that it is a percentage of the existing UK quota that is held by non-UK companies,  if the Govt don't give up the fishing rights, then the access to UK waters will be for UK fleets.

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