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Flounder Comp 2nd Comp

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29 minutes ago, biggcol said:

Two rods with maximum of three hooks between them. Mick hope to see you there Sunday.

Cheers Colin, looking good so we will give it a go, hopefully do better than last week!😁

Thanks for the info

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It may be your turn Allan!    i was hoping to join in its a good cause,  just worried Frank caught the last two flounders in the harbour last outing though!  .  struggling to drum up any enthusiasm with crew,  do you think if i offer them a hot three course lunch that may be enough to entice them,?   i think it seems a good idea as it would give me something to do, cant think i will be "busy" floundering.                                                   And on a serious note, do you think it will go ahead? weather is not set that fair at the moment is it?                                                                                                 All the best an optimistic Colin. 

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37 minutes ago, Leicester Fisheagle said:

There is currently a weather window. Have spoken to Chris Holloway who is helping organise things. He wants to make a decision late Friday afternoon based on weather, bait availability and number of boats likely to fish.

Will it be posted on here if comp. Is on or not Allan?

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