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lady jane

2 days

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Monday launched in the dark and minus 3.

nice weather with calm seas saw us catching lots of small eels of around 5 llb and a few up to perhaps 20llb, pouting and one cod to me.


Tuesdays venue was west bexington.

my mates turn with one pouting and one whiting with me blanking.

its never about the catching it’s about being there.










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Popped out Wednesday for a couple of hours with Alun.


Target was bass on lures for a bit of sport 50+ bass later, we headed back in for the sun setting at 15:35!!!!!


Cracking impromptu session arranged the night before at the club meeting.


Just a few fish on the sounder!!!







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It's a shame Rob that Bass are so rare now!!


Well done to you both.


I have got the Lure bug now, and I have sent a letter to Santa for a nice Bass rod and a selection of lures for Xmas.


I do hope he realises that I've been a good boy!!


The thing I like about Lure fishing is that there is no mess of bait on board, and the anticipation of the real screaming off with a decent fish on the end of your line.


Once you know where the hot spots are for Bass and you have done your homework on your selection of Lure, then you are certain to catch a decent fish.



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There were far from rare yesterday, or 2 weeks earlier when we had the same fun!


They aren't big fish, which in a way is a good sign, most 35-40cm.


Had some taking on the top too, which I'd taken a popper.


The lures were 12cm and at times it was amazing how the managed to engulf then so far! Sprat imatations. Believe the blue on the FF is a shoal of sprats.





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So that may be part of reason why the Bass are staying around over the Winter season

( feasting on sprats) as well as the temperature of the water.


I have put on my Christmas list Sprat imitations as well. 

Hopefully That should provide some sport in the Harbour for the winter months if the weather is inclement outside.


Thanks for the info Rob.


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